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NKK 110 year Jubilee Show - Oslo, 28th of June 2008

Judge: Agneta Kappers, Sweden

BOB CAC CACIB Rimabra's Ringleader
2 Sasquehanna Czarodziejka
3 R-CACIB Sippelins Fly For Winning
4 DKKLBV-06-07 DKKL GR NORD INTCh (FCI) Reject's Number One China

BOS CAC Rimabra's Walk On The Top For Us
2 CACIB-New INTCH DK SUCh Scafar's Sir Lancelot
3 NV-07 Trønderpia`s Here I Am
4 V.S.O.P Napoleon Sakladir

BOB Veteran: AUST N DKCh Tardoan Titus Andronicus

BOB Breeders group: Kennel Reject

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