Terihund Blue Revival Of Benbela

Cannybuff Chi-Cai
Cannybuff Cilva Chinese Crested
Cannybuff Cilva
Staround Expo Chinese Crested
Staround Expo
Staround Apollo
Staround China Princess
Staround Channa
Staround Koko
Staround Lhaza
Cannybuff Catrina
Staround Ahn Ahn Lee Chinese Crested
Staround Ahn Ahn Lee
Lee Chee Lee
Chi Chi Lee
Alto Of Crest Haven
Navo Of Crest Haven
Efta of Crest haven
Cownbred Cassi-San
Pien Tou At Cownbred
Sandcrest Sorrel
Winterlea Luke Splendid Of Sandcrest Chinese Crested
Winterlea Luke Splendid Of Sandcrest
Pekevista Soo See
Moonswift Miss Bluebell At Superlion
Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift Chinese Crested
Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift
Heathermount Jezebel
Sweet Sylvia Of Jevalfy And Cownbred
Aes Into Amberro
Winterlea Intoo Of Aes
Sandcrest Nugget Nicola
Aes Aradia
Horn Of Crest Haven Chinese Crested
Horn Of Crest Haven
Pekevista Mei Mei Shan Of Aes Chinese Crested
Pekevista Mei Mei Shan Of Aes
Regenerate pedigree

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