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2010 - 2016
DKCH  INTCH(FCI)  LTCH  DKW-12 SE UCH NORD JW-11, VDH Europe Junior Winner 2011Lionheart King Of The Ring

Reg. no
: SE54848/2010
: 2010-07-10
: Blue / Black
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Monica & Julia Peterson (Amyfield, Sverige)
  • NOA

  • Lituuen BOB CACIB CAC

  • CIB
    ©amyfield / nomilas

  • LT champion

  • Dansk Champion, Dansk vinnar-12 Hernig 2012
    ©Julai Peterson

  • Swedish Champion , Sofiero 2012
    ©Julia Peterson

  • Nordjv-11 Lionheart King of The Ring

  • ©Julia Peterson, Amyfield

  • Noa
    ©Julia Peterson, Amyfield

  • Noa
    ©Julia Peterson, Amyfield

  • ©Julia Peterson, Amyfield

  • Noa in Örkelljunga 2011
    ©Julia Peterson, Amyfield

  • Ronneby 2011
    ©Monica Peterson , Amyfield

  • Ronneby 2011
    ©Julia Peterson , Amyfield

  • Tvååker 2011
    ©Julia Peterson , Amyfield

  • Tvååker 2011
    ©Julia Peterson , Amyfield

  • Tvååker 2011
    ©Julia Peterson , Amyfield

  • Tvååker 2011
    ©Julia Peterson , Amyfield

  • Tronidheim 2011
    Best Head , Naked for Brenda Jones , CC Special
    ©Monica Peterson , Amyfield

  • Hässleholm SKK 2011
    ©Pixie & Hedi

  • Dortmund 2011
    ©Monica Peterson , Amyfield

  • 6 months.
    ©Monica Peterson, Amyfield

  • 10 weeks
    ©Amyfield's Kennel

  • ©Lionheart's Kennel


CAC in Germany , Dortmund 2011

BIS 1 Junior , Hässleholm CC Special 2011

3:rd best male CC, Hässleholm SKK 2011

2:nd best male with CC and Reserv CAC , Norway , Troindheim 2011

2:nd best male in his class with CC in Norway , Troindheim Chinese Crested special 2011

2:nd best male with CC and Reserv CAC , Sweden - Tvååker 2011

4:th best male with CC , Sweden - Tvååker 2011

BOS , CAC , CC in Sweden - Ronneby 2011

1: best Junior with CC in Gotland , Sweden

2:nd best male with CAC , CC , BOB Junior , BIS 3 Junior at the SDHK special - Örkelljunga , Sweden.

Kvalificerad till CRUFT 2012
Nordisk Junnior vinnare-11 av 17 junior. 1 med CK
Stockholm 2011

BOB Tvååker SKK, CC CAC ,2012
2:end best male Sofiero SKK , CC and CAC = SWEDISH CHAMPION,2012
BOS CERT CACIB Danskwinner-12

PLL clear
Eyes UA.
Patella 0/0

Siblings (13)


Koynaur's Goodness Gracious Me
Koynaur's Good Golly Miss Molly
Koynaur's Glamour Boy
Koynaur's Ghetto Superstar


Koynaur's Good girl gone bad
Koynaur's Good Damn I'm Hot
Koynaur's Good Damn I'm Hot
Koynaur's Gosh I'm georgeous


Lionheart Keep on Walking
Lionheart Keep On Smiling
Lionheart King Of The Ring
Lionheart King Of The Ring
Lionheart Kodak Moment

Offspring (45) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Anirac's Pretty Woman

Amyfiled Man in Black
Amyfield Master Of King
Amyfield Miss Molly

dob: 2015-12-22  Dam: Sun-Hee's Cerious Censation

Chinese Flowers Bright Snowflake
Chinese Flowers Best Christmas Boy
Chinese Flowers Beauty In Christmas

dob: 2015-10-30  Dam: Rimabra's Cute N Cool

Zanevi's I Love You Too
Zanevi's I'm Cute'n Cool
Zanevi's In Dah Ring

dob: 2015-10-12  Dam: Blameless Bride by Little Jade

Zanevi's Heartbeat
Zanevi's Hot Shot
Zanevi's Happy Ending
Ch. Zanevi's Hot Lips
Zanevi's Hippy Hippy Shake
Zanevi's HappyFeet

dob: 2013-08-10  Dam: Abbaboos Princess Annelise

Abbaboos Dream of a Miracle
Abbaboos Devine Angel
Abbaboos Dusk till Dawn
Abbaboos Destiny in Black
Abbaboos Domino Effect
Abbaboos Dark Side of the Moon

dob: 2012-10-05  Dam: Belsebubs Chang Li

Belsebubs Chimoon

dob: 2012-07-18  Dam: Starbounds Adora

Starbounds Boomer
Starbounds Bratzilla
Starbounds Biscaya
Starbounds Bounty

dob: 2012-04-17  Dam: Gamla Bodens Mini Chewbacka

Magic Moment
Blue Moon
Mr Bassman

dob: 2012-03-10  Dam: Untouchable's Nobodys Perfect

Lionheart Keep An Eye On Me
Lionheart Keep My Fire Burning
Lionheart Keep Breaking The News
Lionheart Keep Upp The Good Work
Lionheart Keep My Dream Alive
Lionheart Keeping Kwality

dob: 2012-02-13  Dam: Lionheart Koated Kan-Kan

Amyfield Seek And Destroy
Ch. Amyfield Send Me An Angel
Amyfield Show Must Go On

dob: 2011-11-13  Dam: Amyfield Makes People Talk

Amyfield Make It To The Top
Amyfield Moves Like a Queen

dob: 2011-05-07  Dam: Untouchable's Material Girl

Lionheart Kash Is King
Lionheart Kiss Me Kwick
Lionheart Kwarter Master
Lionheart Karbon Karissima

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