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Scherzando Tempestuous

Reg. no
: SE31807/2010
: 2009-12-08
: red/white
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Christine Bridgwater (Scherzando, England)
Sig Britt Samuelsson
  • Chewey 2012 05 20
    ©Joakim Karlsson

  • Chewey 27 månader
    ©Per Samuelsson

  • Chewey 18 månader
    ©Per Samuelsson

  • ©Per Samuelsson
    Aug 2010

  • Close up - what a showgirl
    June 2010
    ©Per Samuelsson

  • Utställning Tvååker 2010-07-10
    ©Per Samuelsson

  • Utställning Tvååker 2010-07-10
    ©Per Samuelsson

  • With proud owner, Sandra
    ©Per Samuelsson

  • ©Per Samuelsson

  • My last picture of Chewey before she left for Sweden....

  • Chewey and friends... customising her box the night before flying to Sweden

  • 12 Feb

  • 120210

  • 2nd February

  • 29 January

  • 26 Jan

  • 18 Jan

  • 18 Jan

  • 5th January ©CB

  • 5th January

  • 5th January ©CB

  • ©CB


Puppy show
3x BIR
11 excellent
1xBIG 2

Siblings (12)


Scherzando Hamlet
Scherzando Ariel
Scherzando Merry Wife at Mistancharl
Scherzando Othello
Scherzando Much Ado
Scherzando Twelfth Knight
Scherzando Cressida
Scherzando King Lear
Scherzando Winters Tale
Scherzando As You Like It
Scherzando Tempestuous
Scherzando Coriolanus

Offspring (3) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-01-15  Sire: Curlious Cache is King

Ch. Desire me Shine Bright Like a Diamond
Desireme Hall of Fame
Desireme Shine bright like a diamond

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