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Inya Dreams Frankly I Don't Care

Reg. no
: S19586/2009
: 2009-01-02
: Blå
: Hairless
Sigridur Ingadottir (Inya Dreams, Sverige)
Eliza Ankerståhl (Elyxia, Sverige)
  • 2011.08.12
    ©D. Ankerståhl

  • 2011.08.12
    ©D. Ankerståhl

  • Alfta sommaren 2010
    ©Twice as Nice: Sanna Wrising

  • © Linda Eriksson.

  • Alfta 090712 Magini BIR -valp
    ©Linda Eriksson

  • Alfta 090712
    BIR valp
    ©Eliza Ankerståhl

  • ©Mikael Svedman

    Magini 090411
    ©Eliza Ankerståhl

  • ©Eliza Ankerståhl

  • Magini 10.v
    ©Eliza Ankerståhl

Siblings (3)


Inya Dreams Frankly I Don't Care
Inya Dreams For Crying Out Loud
Inya Dreams Formal Attire

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-06-27  Dam: Chiango's Charpio

Chiango's ChessGame
Chiango's ChessMan
Chiango's ChessMate

dob: 2011-01-01  Dam: Crested Starz Galadriel

Golden Dream Stars Forever You
Golden Dream Stars Fabulous Sky
Golden Dream Stars Follow The Stars
Golden Dream Stars Faith Loved
Golden Dream Stars Fire Soul
Golden Dream Stars Famous Sun

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