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2008 - 2020
Konishiki Bluff Backchat

Reg. no
: AK00197108
: 2008-12-16
: Palomino/White
: Hairless
Linda Lane (Konishiki, England)
Linda Lane (Konishiki, England)
Lisa Sanders (Aradia, USA)
Barbara Lawson (Timber Ridge, USA)

  • ©Holloway

  • Jan 2010
    ©K Fischer-Smith

  • Jan 2010
    ©K Fischer-Smith

  • 12 Sept
    ©Karen Fischer

  • August 5, 2009
    ©K Fischer-Smith

  • ©Karen

  • ©Karen

  • Jun 09 Much loved

  • Sunbathing

  • 18 March with a suntan
    ©Karen Fischer-Smith

  • Hugo @ 12 weeks
    ©K Fischer-Smith

  • Hugo at 12 weeks.
    ©K Fischer-Smith

  • Sundays child what a show boy

  • 19 Feb

  • ©Rupniak

  • ©Rupniak

  • 24 Jan

  • 13 Jan

  • 24 Dec

  • 21 Dec


12.9 First show - Prescott Arizona Kennel Club - Reserve Winners Dog

Siblings (10)


Konishiki Bluff Backchat
Konishiki Blessed Blanche
Konishiki Bonny Tyler
Konishiki Bold and Brazen
Konishiki Bashful Baron
Konishiki Blurry Blessing
Konishiki Big Bopper
Konishiki Babylon Breeze
Konishiki Billy the Kid

No birth date recorded

konishiki bold and brazen

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-07-03  Dam: Aradia's Fanciful Journey

Aradia Encore
Aradia Cheers and Applause
Aradia Dancin in the Footlights
Aradia HollieLulia

dob: 2012-02-11  Dam: Babylon Celestial Symphony

Aradia I'm all That
Aradia Karry Me Away

dob: 2011-10-02  Dam: Babylon Godiva Aradia

Aradia Dinomite
Aradia Piercing the Galaxy
Aradia Lunar Eclipse

dob: 2011-09-14  Dam: Sakkarra Pie In The Sky

Sakkarra -pending

dob: 2011-04-10  Dam: Babylon Celestial Symphony

Aradia Riding the Comet's Tail
Aradia's Big Bang

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