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2008 - 2016
Krishna-Spiritual Joe Six Pack

: 2008-05-11
: Slate
: Hairless
: 31.75cm (12.5")
Gloria Kerr (Krishna, USA)
Pamela Buckingham (Serenity, USA)

  • ©GSK Photos/Deb H - Spirit graphics

  • 4 months
    ©Photo by GSK Photography

  • ©GSK Photography

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Spiritual Licensed to Carry

Spiritual I'd Sooner be a Cowboy

dob:   Dam: Spiritual Cherry Coke

Spiritual Cherry Jubilee
Spiritual Cherry Royale

dob:   Dam: Mystic Dream Fire of the Dragon

Serenity's Take a Good Look

dob:   Dam: Serenity's What a Surprise


dob: 2013-12-09  Dam: Mosaic But I'm A Cheerleader


dob: 2011-12-16  Dam: Serenity's Devil's Temptress Lives in Texas

Ch. Serenity's Kickin' B... With Mosaic

dob: 2009-10-22  Dam: Mstical Golden Amber

Spiritual Sage - name pending
Spiritual Simon Says
Spiritual Sidney of B'Juled
Spiritual Salem

dob: 2009-09-25  Dam: Spiritual Dazzling Sapphire

Serenity's Black Beauty At Mosaic
Serenity -------
Serenity Exotic Beauty
B'Juled Spirit Coventry Court

dob: 2009-09-21  Dam: Mosaic But I'm A Cheerleader

Mosaic-Spiritual Perfectly Designed
Serenity Mosaic by Design
Spiritual Mosaic Defying Design

dob: 2009-09-12  Dam: Spiritual Hot Property

Spiritual Cherished Memories
Serenity - Spiritual Miadore'

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