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2008 - 2020
Sakkarra N Jewels Got Chocolate?
"Gin Gin"

Reg. no
: TR791409/01
: 2008-08-06
: chocolate
: Powderpuff
Dyann Callahan Eichenberger (Sakkarra, USA)
Julie & Jon Wells (Jewels, USA)
  • Gin Gin 1 year and 2 months

  • Gin Gin
    ©Jon Wells

  • ©Julie

  • Gin Gin 12 weeks

  • I'm so cute!

  • ©Julie

  • ©Julie

  • Gin Gin arrives in CT!!

  • Gin Gin meets Cleopatra

  • 8 wks- chocoterrific

  • 8 wks

  • 8 wks

  • so cute!!

  • 6 wks!!

  • 4 wks stack


Siblings (9)


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Sakkarra Babylon Dark Assassin
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Sakkarra N Jewels Got Chocolate?


Sakkarra Puttin' On The Glitz
Sakkarra Bling It On
Sakkarra Chocolatier
Sakkarra Chocolate IS The New Black

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob:   Sire: Cristalls Templeton SOM

Jewels Annie Get Your Gun
Jewels Guns Blazing

dob: 2015-09-29  Sire: Bi-Lav Plus Invincible

Ch. Jewels Cafe Komodo Dragon
Jewels Cafe Macchiato

dob: 2014-12-03  Sire: Bi-Lav Plus Invincible

Jewels Simply Irresistible at Hpnotik

dob: 2014-02-07  Sire: Bi-Lav Plus Invincible

Jewels Leather n Lace
Jewels Kiss Me
Jewels Be Good Nu Poils
Jewels Be Mine

dob: 2011-01-08  Sire: GCH Vanitonia Monkey Business

Jewels Get Closer
Ch. Jewels Defying Gravity

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