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2008 - 2015
INTCH(FCI)  NUCH  SECH  De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Gucci

Reg. no
: S54095/2008
: 2008-07-16
: Brun & vit
: Hairless
: 33.00cm (12.9")
Martha Furulund (De La Mahafu's, Sverige)
Pernilla Milhau

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Martha Furulund

  • ©Per Nyberg

  • ©Juul

  • ©Juul

  • ©Juul

Siblings (5)


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De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Gerry
De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Genica
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De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Gucci

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