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AMCH  Crest-Vue This Buds For You

: 2007-05-05
: Black/Wh Mkgs
: Hairless
: 33.02cm (13")
Karen Fischer (Crest-Vue's, USA)
Amy Ramdohr
  • Manny is shown and loved by Barbara Cassidy.

  • ©mosaic

  • ©mosaic

  • ©mosaic

  • ©K Fishcer-Smith

  • ©K Fischer-Smith

  • July 29,2009
    ©K Fischer-Smith

  • ©Karen Fischer

  • ©Karen Fischer

Siblings (7)


Crest-Vue's Go'N All The Way
Crest-Vue's High Roll'N


Crest-Vue's Aint Nothin Like Jack
Crest-Vue's Kahlua and Cream
Crest-Vue's Bacardi Run
Crest-Vue's Champagne On Ice
Crest-Vue This Buds For You

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mosaic's American Beauty

Catching A Fallen Star

dob: 2015-05-05  Dam: Mosaic's One In A Million

Daniels Midnight Sparkle
Mosaic's Angel In The Centerfold

dob: 2015-05-05  Dam: Mosaic's American Beauty

Mosaic's Mickey Blue Eyes At Mythic

dob: 2014-10-12  Dam: Mosaic's PS I Love You

Mosaic Dark Side of the Moon @ Lotus

dob: 2012-01-01  Dam: Mosaic's One In A Million

Mosaic Playboy Little Dog Of Dream

dob: 2010-08-11  Dam: Krishna's Hidden Assets

Ch. Crest-Vue's Tangible Assets
Crest-Vue's Private Assets

dob: 2009-08-02  Dam: Some Kind Of Spectacular N'co

Crest-Vue Say It Again
Crest-Vue Play It Again
Crest-Vue Did It Again
Crest-Vue Again N Again

dob: 2009-05-15  Dam: Crest-Vue's All-Hot-N-Hairy

Jonbrecy's Phoenix Feather
Jonbrecy's Phoenix Ashes
Ch. Jonbrecy's Phoenix Feather At Crest-Vue
Jonbrecy's Phoenix Flame
Jonbrecy's Phoenix Rising
Jonbrecy's Phoenix Heat

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