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Zucci The Xtra Factor

Reg. no
: AH00932005
: 2006-12-19
: Black
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgia)
  • Xtra, 3.5 years old... love him :)

  • ©Ilse Callens

  • ©An Callens

  • ©Ilse Callens

  • ©

  • ©V.J.Moon

  • ©Ilse callens

  • ©V.J.Moon

  • ©V.J.Moon

Siblings (5)


Zucci Ribbons And Roses
Zucci Sweet Rosie For Leibwache
Zucci The Xtra Factor
Zucci Romance And Roses
Zucci Queen from Bright Star

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

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Dresscode-Zero Left Unseen
Dresscode-Zero Living a Lie
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Dresscode-Zero Laid Black
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Shida Off The Scoeville Scale

dob: 2011-04-01  Dam: Shida The Showgirl Must Go On

Dresscode-Zero Kamasutra
Dresscode-Zero Kicks Ass
Dresscode-Zero Knock Out
Dresscode-Zero Key to Eden
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dob: 2009-06-08  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Javina Puar

Dresscode-Zero I'm an Icon
Dresscode-Zero Insane Lee
Dresscode-Zero It wasn't meant to be

dob: 2009-02-28  Dam: Judith z Jasne hvezdy

Ch. Sandra z Jasne hvezdy
Scoobie z Jasne hvezdy
Ch. Ch.Pl. Speedy z Jasne hvezdy
Ch. Showmann z Jasne hvezdy
Snoopy z Jasne hvezdy
Sally z Jasne hvezdy

dob: 2008-05-21  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Miss September

Ch. Taijan Dreamer Quite Enchanted
Taijan Dreamer Q-tip
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Question Mark.
Taijan Dreamer Queenie

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