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Sh Cm - 1 CC and 6 RCCSolino's Letterman

Reg. no
: Stud Bk Nr. 2304CT
: 2007-07-18
: slate/white markings
: Hairless
: 30.50cm (12.0")
Iris Schultz (Solino's, Tyskland)
Linda Lane (Konishiki, England)
  • Congratulations go out today to "Jay", Solino's Letterman Won Best of Breed and the Dog CC at the Darlington Championship Dog Show.
    art by Gene

  • ©Solino's

  • Such a showman!

  • ©Rupniak

  • Doing what he loves best
    Free running in the woods
    I love this dog x

  • ©Rupniak

  • Crufts 2010

  • ©Solino's

  • Gonioscopy Certificate - Clear September 26th

  • Eye certificate withour Gonioscopy April 2009

  • Sh CM Cert

  • ©Solino's

  • Best in Show

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • on the right

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • 7 weeks

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos


6.11.2010 - CC Dog Club - 2nd Open
10.9 Richmond - RCC
3.9.2010 City Birmingham - 1st LD
CCDC Champ show - 2nd Open Dog (Dawn Dixon - Debrita)
July 2010 - Leeds - Reserve Best Dog
June 2010 - Blackpool - 1st Limit
10 July East England champ sh - 1st limit - JUlie Guvercin - Glebeheath (breed specialist )

Loved regardless of show wins, a truly happy, wonderful boy. A little vocal at times but no-one is perfect!
2010 - Still being placed highly in Limit Classes
Southern Counties -Andrew Brace 2nd Limit - huge class
18.9.2011 Darlington Champ Show 91 entries JAY DOG CC AND BOB! Whooppee my darling happy boy.
CCC of GB - 1st not bred by
27.10 Midland Counties - 4th Open out of 12
5.11.2011 - CC Dog Club Show - 1st Open

Siblings (14)


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Offspring (63) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Shipstone Mrs Tittlemouse

konishiki bold and brazen

dob: 2012-07-24  Dam: Konishiki Daring Debut

Despinia Could it Be Magic
Despinia Poetry n Roses
Despinia Nation'L Atraction
Despinia Face The Morning
Despinia Lookin For Justice

dob: 2011-08-17  Dam: Konishiki Cinderella

Konishiki Kinda Wunderful
Konishiki Killer Queen
Konishiki Kiss Me Kate

dob: 2011-04-25  Dam: Shipstone Dapples Dinkum

Konishiki Just Fooling
Konishiki Just What I Needed
Konishiki Just In Time

dob: 2011-02-11  Dam: Konishiki Prizzy's Jasmine

Iceniares Celtic Azurite
Iceniares Celtic Amber
Iceniares Celtic Amethyst

dob: 2010-08-29  Dam: Konishiki Prizzy's Gal

Konishiki Huberto
Konishiki Heliosz
Konishiki Hapache
Konishiki Hecktor
Konishiki Hakonas

dob: 2010-02-05  Dam: Lohamras As Hot Chocolate

Konishiki Finale Jw
Konishiki Fairy Queen
Konishiki Frostwork

dob: 2010-01-23  Dam: Shipstone Dapples Dinkum

Konishiki Elderberry
Konishiki Energise Me
Konishiki Exotic Chai
Konishiki Earl Grey

dob: 2010-01-19  Dam: Sophisticated Lady At Cheeswood

Cheeswood Attraction
Cheeswood Moonlit Warrior
Cheeswood Prince Charming

dob: 2009-12-08  Dam: Konishiki Tiger Lilley to Scherzando

Scherzando King Lear
Scherzando Twelfth Knight
Scherzando Ariel
Scherzando Othello
Scherzando As You Like It
Scherzando Much Ado
Scherzando Cressida
Scherzando Hamlet
Scherzando Coriolanus
Scherzando Merry Wife at Mistancharl
Ch. Scherzando Winters Tale
Scherzando Tempestuous

dob: 2009-11-17  Dam: Konishiki Prizzy's Dreamgal At Shulune

Shulune Mulled Wine
Shulune Pillow Talk With Clanest
Shulune Powercore
Shulune Cruising On Air
Shulune Shockwave

dob: 2008-12-16  Dam: Shipstone Mrs Tittlemouse

Konishiki Bold and Brazen
Konishiki Big Bopper
Konishiki Blurry Blessing
Konishiki Babylon Breeze
Konishiki Blessed Blanche
Konishiki Bonny Tyler
Konishiki Bashful Baron
Konishiki Billy the Kid
Konishiki Bluff Backchat

dob: 2008-08-15  Dam: Lohamras As Hot Chocolate

Konishiki Almost Perfect
Konishiki All That Jazz
Konishiki A Star is Born
Konishiki A Touch Of Class
Konishiki All About Eve
Konishiki American Gigolo at Scherzando

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