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AMCH  Mstic-Heart Naked Ambition

Reg. no
: TN37709401
: 1996-05-02
: Hairless
Jeri Lee (Mstic-Heart, USA)
Jeri Lee (Mstical, USA)
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Siblings (5)


Mstic-Heart Pandee Changeling
Mstic-Heart Naked Ambition
Mstic-Heart Running Bare


Mstic-Heart Snow Gnome
Mstic-Heart Dream Cycle

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mstic-Heart Ishtar Of Pandia

Mstical Maximillion Reward

dob:   Dam: Mstic Heart Red Roses

Mstical Rose Parade

dob:   Dam: Vore's Ms Tical Scarab

Mstical Darth Ringer
Rainbo's Jasperella

dob: 2008-03-12  Dam: Mstical Sunshine

Mstical Blue Ghost

dob: 2007-09-08  Dam: Mstical Call Me Carla

Mstical Moonlight Tinker Bell
Mstical MoonlightTinker Bell

dob: 2006-06-30  Dam: Mstical Su-Ccubus

Mstical Lady Eliza

dob: 2004-11-07  Dam: Andros Connect The Dots

Spiritual Two Legends

dob: 2004-09-30  Dam: Shim's Whisper

Mstical Blues Clues

dob: 2004-05-17  Dam: Rainbo's Golden Halo

Ch. Mstical Jack Be Quick

dob: 2003-10-27  Dam: Mstic-Heart Ishtar Of Pandia

Mstical Ishtar's Karma

dob: 2003-09-04  Dam: Mstical Palomino Unicorn

Mstical Frankie's Baby Blues

dob: 2003-01-23  Dam: Mstic-Heart Ishtar Of Pandia

Mstical Blue Belle
Mstical Blue Boy

dob: 2002-11-16  Dam: Andros Connect The Dots

Mstical Lolli Pup

dob: 2000-05-08  Dam: Mstic-Heart Lady Westshore

Crest-Vue's Ivory Baby
Crest-Vue's Half-N-Half

dob: 2000-02-10  Dam: Mstic-Heart Jazzy Jazmine

Ch. Crest-Vue's Monkey-C-Monkey-Do

dob: 1999-10-28  Dam: Bricor's Athena Of Msticheart

Rainbo's Femme Fatale

dob: 1999-06-05  Dam: Vore's Ms Tical Scarab

Mstic-Heart Boadeca A'Scarab

dob: 1999-05-06  Dam: Mstic-Heart My Fiar Lady By Vore

Cupid Spot Thur The Heart

dob: 1997-04-20  Dam: Mstic-Heart Inanna

Mstic-Heart Naked Expose

dob: 1905-03-15  Dam: Allayn's Bare Necessities

Mstical Dances With Eagle Man

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