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AMCH  INTCH  CH. Silver Bluff Versace

Reg. no
: TR32376603
: 2004-12-14
: Apricot, White Markings
: Hairless
Barbara Fischer (Silver Bluff, USA)
Claudia Schwitters (vom Feenmond, Tyskland)
  • Ready to play?
    ©Envision Studios LLC

  • Ready to Play?
    ©Envision Studios LLC

  • Versace in the spring fields
    ©Claudia Schwitters

  • ©S.Horn

  • ©S.Horn

  • ©S.Horn

  • ©C. Schwitters

Siblings (3)


Silver Bluff I'm A Gucci Too
CH. Silver Bluff Versace


Silver Bluff La Belle Simone

Offspring (34) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-01-04  Dam: Ravenna Galus Pastoral

Abrisham's Ashley
Abrisham's Amazing Prada
Abrisham's Armani
Abrisham's Amazing Gucci

dob: 2013-01-04  Dam:

Abrisham's Armani

dob: 2010-09-17  Dam: Helena from Angels Fundation

Flower Power of FreeDragon
Fairytale Jester of FreeDragon
Fire und Ice of FreeDragon

dob: 2009-05-30  Dam: Little Hobbits'Celandine Brandybock

Charming Chico vom Feenmond
Cozy Matilda vom Feenmond
Campino vom Feenmond
Calvin Klein vom Feenmond
Cira-Bella vom Feenmond

dob: 2008-05-11  Dam: Silver Bluff Elegant Lady

CedarFrost Black Gold
Ch. CedarFrost Black Gold

dob: 2008-02-26  Dam: Silver Bluff Prada

CedarFrost Run For The Roses

dob: 2007-09-24  Dam: Silver Bluff Designer Accessories

CedarFrost Oliver

dob: 2007-09-24  Dam: Silver Bluff Too Hot To Handle

CedarFrost Blaze

dob: 2007-09-18  Dam: Silver Bluff Designer Accessories

CedarFrost Guns & Roses
CedarFrost Double Take
CedarFrost Dante
CedarFrost Bella
Ch. CedarFrost Sizzle
CedarFrost Cleopatra

dob: 2007-05-28  Dam: Silver Bluff Prada

Ch. CH. CedarFrost Abercrombie
Ch. Double entry see other entry
CedarFrost Sundance
CedarFrost Petra

dob: 2007-02-18  Dam: Pandy's Autumn Leaf

Cedar Frost Calvino

dob: 2007-02-18  Dam: Silver Bluff Elegant Lady

Cedar Frost Isabella Grace

dob: 2006-09-29  Dam: Pandy's Autumn Leaf

Cedar Frost Giorgio Armani
Cedar Frost Argentina Red
Cedar Frost Harry Winston
Cedar Frost Dolce

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