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Bai Long's Athena

Reg. no
: S54644/2005
: 2005-08-06
: Sand m svarta tecken
: Hairless
Åsa Lugnet (Bai Long's, Sverige)
Therese Landberg (Beauty of XLNZ, Sverige)
  • Idah 3y.

  • Idah 3y.

  • Idah 23 months
    ©Therese Landberg

  • Idah
    ©Bai Long's

  • Idah 6 months

  • Idah 4 months

  • Idah 8 weeks
    ©Åsa Lugnet

  • Ida 5 weeks


MH (genomförd mentalbeskrivning) m. 1:a på skott

Siblings (9)


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Bai Long's Atlas
Bai Long's Athena
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Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-03-31  Sire: Proud Pony On the Road Again

Beauty of XLNZ Five Sunny Days
Beauty of XLNZ Five Lights On
Beauty of XLNZ Five Black Pearls
Beauty of XLNZ Five Dark Angels
Beauty of XLNZ Five Hearts Hidden
Beauty of XLNZ Five

dob: 2009-02-06  Sire: Lohamras Absolut Milton

Beauty of XLNZ One of a kind
Beauty of XLNZ One white angel
Beauty of XLNZ One you never forget
Beauty of XLNZ One true love
Beauty of XLNZ One in a million
Beauty of XLNZ One surprise
Beauty of XLNZ One and only

dob: 2007-09-26  Sire: Glebeheath The Alchemist

Bai Long's Everlasting Blue
Bai Long's Exhibit E
Bai Long's Eye-Catching Ellie
Ch. Bai Long's Entertaining Elmo
Bai Long's El Presidente
Bai Long's Eager For Fame
Bai Long's Exquisite Me

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