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INTCH(FCI)  SMCH  res. BIGGinny Lee z Haliparku

Reg. no
: LOF9 CH.CHIN 002779/00648
: 2004-05-23
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Libuse Brychtova (z Haliparku, Tsjekkia)
Jana Kovacs (du Copcopine, Frankrike)
  • Walking down the park..

  • Jumping down dunes in summer 2006

  • ©F.K.Kovacs

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3xBOB, 10x CACIB, 3x res. CACIB, Mediterranean winner 2006, San Marino winner 2006, 7x CACS, 2x CAC San Marino, 1x CAC Monaco, 3x CAC Italy, 1x CAC - 2x r. CAC Spain

Siblings (29)


Andre Hvezda z Podmok
Amanda Hvezda z Podmok
Arnold Hvezda z Podmok
Amadeus Hvezda z Podmok
Akim Hvezda z Podmok


Belissa z Haliparku
Bongo z Haliparku
Briliant z Haliparku
Bravery z Haliparku
Baldon z Haliparku
Ballerina z Haliparku
Barny z Haliparku


Flip z Haliparku
Farao z Haliparku
Faun z Haliparku
Floris z Haliparku
Frodo z Haliparku


Gloris z Haliparku
Ginny Lee z Haliparku
Galan z Haliparku
Godrick z Haliparku
Garde z Haliparku


Jokera z Haliparku
Jolanda z Haliparku
Jordan z Haliparku
Jorin z Haliparku
Janika z Haliparku
Juraja z Haliparku
Jessi z Haliparku

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob: 2008-03-13  Sire: Legends The Great Contender

Dumbo du CopCopine
Dolby du CopCopine
Digital du CopCopine
Doutchi du CopCopine
Ch. Djimon du CopCopine

dob: 2007-04-15  Sire: Legends The Great Contender

Campino du Copcopine
Chihiro du Copcopine
Cippo du Copcopine

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