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2002 - 2012
Brialdo Prince of Darkness from Zucci

Reg. no
: KCAC04312704
: 2002-09-25
: Black & White
: Hairless
Mrs. D A Bird (Brialdo, England)
Ingunn Gulliksen Fossli
  • ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Ingunn G. Fossli

  • Deno aka "periskopet", aka slangen i Robin Hood
    ©Ingunn G. Fossli

  • ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Annika Farstad

Siblings (3)


Brialdo Bewitched by Zucci
Brialdo Dark Desire From Zucci
Brialdo Prince of Darkness from Zucci

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-07-18  Dam: Stjerneskudd's Alioth

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ZanZ A Little Too Perfect
ZanZ A Lady's Choice

dob: 2006-06-02  Dam: Maldinis Magic Lady

Sunstreaker Artful Dodger
Sunstreaker Aristocrat
Sunstreaker Attention Seeker
Sunstreaker Alter Ego

dob: 2006-03-12  Dam: Proud Pony Quite Right

Phrostmade's Pablo Picasso
Phrostmade's Almost Indecent

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