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2004 - 2019
CHCH  Winner-Stuttgart 2008, CH-Clubwinner 2009, Annaberg-Buchholz Winner 2010Magic Carpet's Gold Label

Reg. no
: 2004-08-07
: red-chocolate
: Hairless
: 33.50cm (13.1")
Jana Klima (Magic Carpet's, Østerike)
Monika Keller (Fantasy Island, Sveits)
  • ©Photo Roberto

  • ©c.cunningham

  • ©roberto

  • ©b.ouertani

  • ©b.ouertani

  • ©W.Hrebacka

  • ©W.Hrebacka

  • ©W.Hrebacka

  • ©unknown

  • ©Hrebacka

  • Gino 3 months
    ©Magic Carpet's

  • Gino 10 weeks


CAC-Bulle 2008, ex1 CAC / BOB
IHA-Lausanne, 18./19.10.2008 2x ex1 CAC/CACIB
CAC-Stuttgart, 09.11.2008 ex1, CAC, BOB, Winner-Stuttgart
IHA-Lausanne, 18.10.2009, ex1 CAC/CACIB, Swiss-Champion, Qualified for Crufts
Clubshow Wangen, 20.12.2009, ex1 CAC, Clubwinner
IHA-Fribourg, 27.02.2010, ex1
IHA-Offenburg, 13.03.2010, ex2 RCAC/RCACIB
IHA-Luxembourg, 28.03.2010, ex2 RCAC
IHA-Colmar, 18.04.2010, ex1 RCACIB
IHA-Dortmund, 15.10.2010, ex2 CAC
CAC-Dortmund, 16.10.2010, ex2 RCAC
CAC-Annaberg, 27.11.2010, ex1 CAC
CAC-Annaberg, 28.11.2010, ex1 CAC/BOB, Annaberg-Buchholz Winner

Siblings (4)


Magic Carpet's Gentle Melody
Magic Carpet's Glorious Princess Sissy
Magic Carpet's Gladys Night
Magic Carpet's Gold Label

Offspring (29) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-09-06  Dam: Mongoshi Nanija

Charming Angel's Desert Rose

dob: 2010-07-25  Dam: Hot N Blazing N'Co

Style Guru Fantasy Island
Sir Collin Fantasy Island
Superman Fantasy Island
Special Edition Fantasy Island
Summer Dream Fantasy Island

dob: 2010-02-19  Dam: Oriental Jokes Une Jolie Môme

Quickstep Fantasy Island
Quentin Fantasy Island
Quicksilver Fantasy Island

dob: 2009-12-13  Dam: Ama-Tsu-Kami Black Mystique

Ama-Tsu-Kami Dakotah

dob: 2009-10-16  Dam: Golden Touch von Shinbashi

Pretty as a Peach Fantasy Island
Paradise Bird Fantasy Island
Prince Peppi for Beminita Fantasy Island
Pokerface Fantasy Island

dob: 2009-05-13  Dam: Ebony Fantasy Island

Olive Fantasy Island
One In A Million Fantasy Island
One And Only Fantasy Island

dob: 2008-04-09  Dam: Sasquehanna Anegdota

Revolution of Beauty Legend
Revolution of Beauty Let's Get Loud
Revolution of Beauty Legally Blonde
Revolution of Beauty Lady Be Good
Revolution of Beauty Lagoon
Ch. Revolution of Beauty Lost in Space

dob: 2007-11-07  Dam: Kukur Baba's Austrian China Girl

Kukur Baba's Babyface
Kukur Baba's Blossom Sweet
Kukur Baba's Blue Diamond
Kukur Baba's Braveheart
Kukur Baba's Beautiful Bad Bride
Kukur Baba's Bashira

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