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DKCH  INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NUCH  SECH  V-Max du Domaine Du President

Reg. no
: S24132/2005
: 2004-10-15
: mahogny/white
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 5.10kg (11.2#)
Jacqueline Reddin-Williams (Domaine Du President, Frankrike)
Owner unknown.
  • 2 year

  • 2 year

  • © Sun-Hee's

  • ©Jacqueline Williams

  • at May 2005
    ©Essi Suominen

  • © Kennel Amelion's

  • ©K. Tegle

  • © Kennel Amelion's

  • ©K. Tegle


Winner of open class, CC, World Winner Show, Poznan 2006, 3xBOB, 1xBOS, 4xCACIB,2xBIG-1, BIS-2, BIS-3, 8xCC

Siblings (6)


Vekktra du Domaine Du President
VaVaVa Voom Du Domaine Du President
V-Max du Domaine Du President
Vanquish du Domaine Du President


Corvette Stingray du Domaine du Président
Curious George du Domaine du Président

Offspring (71) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-04-26  Dam: Rimabra's Quanja

Lundegårdens Gabby
Lundegårdens G-Fenko
Lundegårdens Gordon

dob: 2009-02-21  Dam: Habiba Truth Or Dare

Tapi-Tapi Emotional Guineapig
Tapi-Tapi Emotional BunnyWabit
Tapi-Tapi Emotional Tiny Mouse
Tapi-Tapi Emotional Chinchilla

dob: 2008-12-28  Dam: Lohamras Leia Läkerol

Bed-ma's Amazing Starshine
Bed-ma's A touch of magic
Bed-ma's All or Nothing

dob: 2008-11-25  Dam: Liddyleaze Ray Of Light

Lohamras Jetset Princess Goldilocks
Lohamras Just Call Me Brownie
Lohamras Just A Miracle
Lohamras Jump Up And Kiss Me
Lohamras Juwel In The Crown
Lohamras Jetblack Jerry
Lohamras Just like a Teddy Bear

dob: 2008-11-11  Dam: Lohamras Tequila Rose

Chattanooga's Love Unleashed
Chattanooga's Love 'n' Married
Chattanooga's Love Me
Ch. Chattanooga's Lovelace
Chattanooga's Love To Share

dob: 2008-04-11  Dam: Bisou du Domaine du Président

D'Yin du Domaine du Président
D'Yang du Domaine du Président

dob: 2008-03-23  Dam: Family Song's Una Luna

Sea Fire's Una Brioni
Sea Fire's Una Meili
Sea Fire's Uno Demond
Sea Fire's Una La Toya
Sea Fire's Uno Rockferry

dob: 2008-01-10  Dam: Blå Mandag's Wilma til Avrina

Pathos Parmesan Avrina
Pascal Palantino Avrina
Peder Pamfilius Avrina
Perle Petunia Avrina
Panter Palisander Avrina

dob: 2007-11-07  Dam: Cute and Crazy Bella-Mi

Absolute Magic's Crazy La La La
Absolute Magic's Chainsaw Charlie
Absolute Magic's Cayenne Mix Max
Absolute Magic's Criss Cross Max
Absolute Magic's C-Max Maxine
Absolute Magic's Cool I Made It

dob: 2007-10-04  Dam: Ermyone Little Champs

Paw-a-dee Hard Rock Cafe
Ch. Paw-a-dee Hard to Beat
Paw-a-dee Hit the Road Jack

dob: 2007-09-26  Dam: Lohamras Karamell

Pescatores Starwars Luke Skywaker
Pescatores Starwars Han Solo
Pescatores Starwars Yoda
Pescatores Starwars Leia

dob: 2007-08-03  Dam: Prefix Hotlips

Lohamras Duchess
Lohamras Daiquiri

dob: 2007-05-09  Dam: Suanho's BellaCoola

Suanho's Kachina
Ch. Suanho's Shanaia
Suanho's Tecumseh
Suanho's Tutchone

dob: 2007-02-26  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Tausendschön

Tournais Dog Whisperer
Tournais Ally Mcbeal
Tournais Grey's Anatomy

dob: 2006-10-03  Dam: Lohamras Leia Läkerol

Lohamras Blueberry
Ch. Lohamras Brejk
Lohamras Bristol Cream
Lohamras Bubblegum

dob: 2006-04-23  Dam: Lohamras Hot'n Sweet

Lohamras Absolut Milton
Lohamras Almond
Lohamras Armagnac Grande
Lohamras Aquantini
Lohamras As Hot Chocolate
Lohamras Amontillado
Lohamras Astella By Starlight

dob: 2006-02-27  Dam: Lohamras Fromage

Biggest CC French Fearless
Biggest CC French Fabulous
Biggest CC French Felicity
Biggest CC French Faithful

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