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2002 - 2017
ATCH  BIHCH  HRHC  CZCH  CZCCH  VDHCH  DCH(Club)  GIBCH  HCH  HGRCH  HJCH  HSHCH  INTCH(FCI)  LUXCH  LUXJCH  MOLCH  PLCH  PORCH  ROMCH  SMCH  SKCH  SKGCH  SLOCH  CHCH  Champion of Champions 2005, World winner 2006, VDH-Century winnerCody z Haliparku

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/902/02/03
: 2002-05-03
: creme & white
: Powderpuff
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Libuse Brychtova (z Haliparku, Tsjekkia)
Libuse Brychtova (z Haliparku, Tsjekkia)

  • Cody in summer

  • BIS Champion of Champions 2007
    Ich. CODY z Haliparku
    Slovakia - Bratislava

  • Champion of Champions Poland - Cody Ex. 1, CWC, Best male in Breed + BOB

  • Magazine Planeta zvirat 11/2007
    ©Martina Travnickova

  • Bundessieger 2006 - Austria

  • Ch. of Gibraltar

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©Demski

  • ©Demski

  • Century winner, jubilee 50x BOB 15.10.2006!

  • Junirohandling with the best CZ handler Lucie Koterova

  • BOB and CENTURY WINNER VDH, Ridder-Onghena, B

  • BOB (80 CCD), jubilee 50x CACIB!, O. Dolejsova, CZ

  • ATK Club show (39 breeds) res. BIS ©

  • Interchampion res. BIS - Club show

  • Champion class in Dortmund 2006

  • BEST OF DAY, BIG 1 - CACIB Prague (3 900 dogs) ©

  • World winner 2006

  • BIS Club show KCHN (153 dogs), R. Schill, RO


5x BEST IN SHOW winner (CACIB 2006 Praha 3400 dogs; CACIB Chisinau 2006; Club, KCHN; Ich. Club ATK, CoC)
8x Res. BIS, 2x BIS 3
3x BEST OF DAY (CACIB Prague 3900 dogs, CACIB Prague 3400 dogs, Ostrava 2400 dogs)
10x BEST IN GROUP, 12x res. BIG, 10x BIG 3, 11x finale BIG,
62x BOB, 57x CACIB, 27x res. CACIB,
119x CAC, 18x res. CAC, Multi BOS
DOG OF THE YEAR 2004, 2005, 2006;
Absolute ATK Club winner Hungary 2006,
BOB Champion of Champion´s (2005+ 2006 Hungary; 2006+2007 Poland; 2007 Czechia)
2x Champion of Champions winner, BIG 4 CoC Poland 2006 and BIG 5 CoC CZ 2004,
6x Club winner (4x H 04,05,06,07, CZ 2005, RO 2005)
WORLD WINNER 2006 (256 CCD entered!)
2x BUNDESSIEGER Austria 2005+2006
4x National winner CZ
Poland winner 2006
Golden winner Liege 2005
Hungary-Austria winner 2005
Ortenau winner 2006
Berlin winner 2006,
2x Prague winner 2006
Mediterrannean winner 2006
Kassel winner 2006
11x Best male of Breed (1x WDS!, 2x Champion of Champions)
Best powder puff male at Club show KCHN
Junior res. BIG, 3rd place Junior BOD, Junior BOB,
Junior club winner,
Junior Mid+East Europe Cup Winner
Baby SUPER BIS winner
Baby BIS winner
2x Honour class winner + 2x BEST IN SHOW Honour class winner (Duo Danube Bratislava 2007)
VHC-Very Highly Commended CRUFTS 2007
7x Crufts qualification...
PL:0/0 2006, PRA, LL-neg. 2006
DNA test: PRA prcd+PLL clear (2011)!!!
Updated: 25.06.2011

Siblings (7)


Cris z Haliparku
Cibetka z Haliparku
Casey z Haliparku
Cody z Haliparku


Ice Angel z Haliparku
Iris z Haliparku
Iwano z Haliparku

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-03-23  Dam: Kinczem Ankadi

Orca powder Ankadi
Orin Ankadi
Oxana Ankadi
Olive powder Ankadi
Olie powder Ankadi
Onix powder Ankadi

dob: 2009-03-27  Dam: Kinczem Ankadi

Nemo Ankadi
Noby Ankadi
Nessy powder Ankadi
Navar Ankadi
Net powder Ankadi
Nero powder Ankadi

dob: 2007-01-25  Dam: Gessi Modry kvet

Leiko Queen z Haliparku
Ch. Lilien Gwendy z Haliparku
Ch. Lizzie Lee z Haliparku
Lester King z Haliparku
Luppino Lord z Haliparku

dob: 2006-06-11  Dam: Gessi Modry kvet

Ch. Kenny z Haliparku
Ch. Key for Acro z Haliparku
Ch. Kressi z Haliparku
Ch. Kitty z Haliparku

dob: 2006-03-09  Dam: Cenera Hvezda Ostravy

Claudie Bos Bohemia
Cyr Bos Bohemia
Cayle Bos Bohemia
Coney Bos Bohemia
Clark Bos Bohemia
Ch. Cory Bos Bohemia
Cathy Bos Bohemia

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