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1989 - 2000
Zucci High Frequency At Honebon

Reg. no
: KCR P3907903
: 1989-05-22
: Red & White
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Mary Slater (Honebon, England)

Siblings (3)


Zucci High Class Lady Of Jokima
Zucci High Expectations
Zucci High Frequency At Honebon

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Shipstone Qu's Back To Basiks

Shipsone Basik Principal at Philandiane
Shipstone Basik Principle at Philandiane

dob:   Dam: Terihund Dark Fantasy To Shipstone

Shipstone Fantasy Fanfafe Of Barj

dob:   Dam: Zucci Maid In The East for Honebon

Jokima Just When You Thought
Jokima Just Desserts
Jokima Just Reward

dob: 1996-04-03  Dam: Shipstone Qu's Back To Basiks

Shipstone Not So Basik

dob: 1995-01-06  Dam: Moonchimes Fluff And Stuff At Cheesewood

Cheeswood Meaka

dob: 1994-08-23  Dam: Zucci Miss Perfection

Ch. Zucci Perfect Frequency
Zucci Perfectly De-Lighted
Ch. Zucci Perfection Itself

dob: 1994-05-23  Dam: Blandora High Fidelity

Ch. Zucci Highly Desirable

dob: 1994-01-10  Dam: Shawcrest Jazzy Jane

Ch. Zucci Jazz Fest at Shawcrest

dob: 1993-11-23  Dam: Zucci Miss Navine

Zucci Gangster Ron From Honebon

dob: 1993-11-23  Dam: Zucci Special Girler

Zucci Been On The Box At Dorangi
Zucci As Seen On Tee Vee
Zucci Joins The Munchbunch

dob: 1993-08-12  Dam: Zucci Obsession

Zucci Pink Princess
Zucci Prince Charming

dob: 1991-05-08  Dam: Staround Rula Of Zucci

Zucci Darling Bud Of May
Zucci Budding Star
Zucci Buddy

dob: 1990-11-18  Dam: Staround Rula Of Zucci

Zucci Golden Fleece Of Mishal
Zucci Little Angel From Honebon
Zucci Golden Wonder

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