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Xcel's Chun King Of Tyre

: 1981-04-23
: Slate
: Hairless
Jan Bidmead-Poe (Xcel's, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (3)


Xcel's Dancing Ping
Xcel's Chun King Of Tyre
Xcel's Golden Nuggett Royal Crest

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Royal Crest's Mitzvah Of Gipez

Royal Crest's Tievei

dob: 1992-04-14  Dam: Xcel's Zanzibar Tango

Xcel's Moonstar Monkey

dob: 1992-04-04  Dam: Xcel's Luna Mystique

Ch. Xcel's Lunar Eclipse O'Janard

dob: 1986-06-07  Dam: Royal Crest's Misty

Royal Crests Nachama
Royal Crests Gan-Eden
Royal Crest Edel
Royal Crest Angel

dob: 1985-09-06  Dam: Dar-Walk Fidgett Of Wendav

Wendav's In The Buff
Wendav's Pippi Long Stockings
Wendavss Give Em Hell Hairy

dob: 1985-01-06  Dam: Chiaow Ti-Ti

Luvans Ko Punch
Dickerson's Judy Of Mayapan

dob: 1984-12-02  Dam: Lejo's Woodstock Of Phaedrian

Lejo's Cinderella
Lejo's Ping Pong
Lejo's Yule

dob: 1984-09-23  Dam: Royal Crest Raizel Of Zanzibar

Royal Crest Pitsel
Royal Crest Sheine

dob: 1984-07-08  Dam: Xcel's Phaedrian Lace

Xcel's Hey U Kazoo
Xcel's Cherish Of Tam-J's
Xcel's Little Mouse

dob: 1984-06-06  Dam: Royal Crest's Mitzvah Of Gipez

Royal Crest Nechama
Royal Crest Mazik
Ch. Royal Crest's Tievel

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