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Vanderpool's Nicole Of Dickerson

: 1985-06-27
: Blue
Dick Dickerson (Dickerson, USA)
I Dervin (Vanderpool, USA)
Terry Hendricks (Ebon Will, USA)

Siblings (7)


Cherokee Penny
Dickerson's Sally Jo Dodd


Vanderpool's Nicole Of Dickerson
Sasanataba Stomper-Dickerson
Dickerson's I'm Trouble Too
Dickerson's Le-Sa Miclanjo
Dickerson's Aztec Pony

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 1992-09-25  Sire: Green Eggs And Sam O'Ebon Will

Naked Asa J Bird O'Ebon Will

dob: 1989-11-29  Sire: Dodd's Dirty Harry

Iris Of Croatoan

dob: 1989-04-29  Sire: Two-Timin' Diamond O'Ebon Will

Dub'L Deal'N Diamond O'Ebon Will
Dubl Cross'n Diamon O'Ebon Will

dob: 1988-08-29  Sire: Two-Timin' Diamond O'Ebon Will

Softy Sapphire O'Ebon Will
TT Cadius Cucumber O'Ebon Will

dob: 1988-01-06  Sire: Chan Woo Shogun Of Colorado

CW Louie Limpopo O'Ebon Will

dob: 1987-06-15  Sire: Top Chop O'Ebon Will

T C Tangerine O'Ebon Will
Toto O'Ebon Will
TC Lavender Lace O'Ebon Will
TC Ivory Eagle O'Ebon Will

dob: 1986-10-30  Sire: Dodd's Dirty Harry

Vanderpool's Little Coquette

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