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AMCH  Vanderpool Dickersons Wolfman

: 1989-03-04
: Pink & Slate
: Hairless
Dick Dickerson (Dickerson, USA)
I Dervin (Vanderpool, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (7)


Dickerson's Captain Tom Thumb
Vanderpool Dickersons Wolfman
Pandora's Plum Pud'n Dickerson
Vanderpool Dickersons Thor

No birth date recorded

Vanderpool's Dickerson's Wolfman
Vanderpools Dickerson Wolfman
Vanderpool's Dickerson's Thor

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 1996-05-02  Dam: Lou-Ell's Wee Midge

Lao Ziao

dob: 1995-01-31  Dam: Dickerson's Nefiteri Of Egypt

Dickerson's Delightful Design

dob: 1993-12-26  Dam: Dickerson's Welsh Sweetheart

Dickerson's Wolfman Jack

dob: 1993-05-20  Dam: Dickerson Sandy Silverbluff

Dickerson's Lalalelu

dob: 1993-05-09  Dam: Circle L Chopsu Silver Bluff

Silver Bluff Wolf Whistle
Silver Bluff Wolf Girl

dob: 1993-05-05  Dam: Vanderpool's Hope

Silver Bluff Big Bad Wolf

dob: 1993-04-14  Dam: Dickerson's Elizabeth Tayler

Silver Bluff Queen Elizabeth

dob: 1992-07-18  Dam: Dickerson's Belle Star Chanel

Ch. Mar-Kays Fantasy Mandie
Mar-Kay's Bon Jovi Of Robrex
Mar-Kay's M Butterfly O'Robres
Heathia's Majic Dragon
Mar-Kay's Beast Monster

dob: 1990-09-10  Dam: Vanderpool's Sadie Sue

Vanderpool's Gayla
Vanderpool's Ace
Ch. Dickerson's Pharoah

dob: 1990-03-26  Dam: Dickerson's Sally Jo Dodd

Vanderpool's Kerri
Mei Li's Jo Jo

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