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AMCH  Thianna's Elfin Magic

: 1997-07-10
: Slate
: Hairless
Sandy Weigand
Donna Guinn (DeeKay, USA)
  • ©Donna Guinn

Siblings (2)


Thianna's Elf In Disguise
Thianna's Elfin Magic

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Bluestone's Bei Jou

Electra Puff Ellie

dob:   Dam: Linfred's Sparkling Topaz

Dee-kay's Sparkling Chablis Magic

dob:   Dam: Ralany Bit Of Honey

Deekay Luv Those Kandee Kisses

dob: 2002-04-21  Dam: Ralany Bit Of Honey

Dee-Kay's Luv Those Kandee Kisses

dob: 2002-04-10  Dam: Bluestone's Bei Jou

Bluestone Destiny's Wish

dob: 2002-02-26  Dam: Sanctuarymuch's Bhagavad Gita

Deekay's Mystical Phoenix

dob: 2002-01-30  Dam: Linfred's Surprise Gift

Dee-Kay's Lady Morgaina La Fay

dob: 2001-12-10  Dam: Deekay's Tasty Duck L'Orange

Dee Kay's Valen Tiwo No No
Deekay's Don't You Know It

dob: 2001-06-17  Dam: Linfred's Surprise Gift

Deekay Barkstar Wu Shu Magic

dob: 2001-04-13  Dam: Linor's Annabelle

Dee-Kay's Mystical Dark Angel

dob: 2000-12-01  Dam: Ralany Bit Of Honey

Ch. Dee-Kay's Uno Michaelina

dob: 2000-06-18  Dam: Ralany Bit Of Honey

Ch. Dee-Kay's Give It To Mikey
Dee-Kay's The Lion King

dob: 2000-04-26  Dam: Butterscotch Kisses By Jove

Ch. Deekay's Miss Chocolate Mousse
Dee-Kay's Romeo's Magic Kiss
Ch. Dee-Kay Misschocolate Mousse

dob: 1998-11-25  Dam: Linfred's Surprise Gift

Ch. Dee-Kay's Full Of Beans Baby

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