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GBCH  The Masterblaster For Pekiki

Reg. no
: KCSB3536BU
: 1984-07-18
: Sable & White
: Powderpuff
Foster W. Parker (Heathermount, England)
Owner unknown.

  • ©hartley

  • Anne Dennis - Yorcrechi

Siblings (2)


The Masterblaster For Pekiki
Heathermount T'sing T'song

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Sandcrest Silvery Cascade

Pekiki Hulla Balloo
Pekiki Master Marksman

dob: 1990-04-19  Dam: Clogheen Julie

Bethshan Bilco

dob: 1989-10-18  Dam: Colboxhall Coo Starkers

Beltane Mouse
Beltane No Miss Demeanour At Pekiki
Beltane Master Fax
Beltane Faerie Queene

dob: 1989-10-18  Dam: Colboxhall Coo Starkes

Beltane No Miss Demeanor
Beltane Queenie

dob: 1989-06-19  Dam: Clogheen Julie

Bethshan Gidget Of Cosmul

dob: 1989-03-05  Dam: Kivox Pan-Si Of Kayler

Ligray Dolly Myx Tzyur
Ligray Pik An Myx

dob: 1989-01-18  Dam: Demidoff Tiger Lily Of Yorcrechi

Yorcrechi Rupertson
Yorcrechi Black Narcissus
Yorcrechi Winter Bouquet
Yorcrechi Black Orchid
Yorcrechi Little Miss Soso

dob: 1988-08-15  Dam: Sandcrest Silvery Cascade

Ch. Pekiki Grandmaster Clash
Pekiki Master Ninja
Pekiki Aint Miss Behavin

dob: 1988-05-02  Dam: Sandcrest Santoo Tiffi

Pekiki Master Class At Yorcrechi

dob: 1988-04-08  Dam: Amber of Stevansu

Wenark Airs'N Graces
Ch. Wenark 'Anky Panky

dob: 1987-01-18  Dam: Sandcrest Silvery Cascade

Pekiki Opus Seventeen

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