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1992 - 2009
NUCH  SECH  SV-95Sunchi Simply Super of Zucci

Reg. no
: S19837/95
: 1992-12-30
: Mahogany
: Hairless
Mrs Gunnell (Sunchi, England)
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Marc Linnér (Awbari, Sverige)
  • ©Unknown

  • ©Unknown



Siblings (2)


Sunchi Simply Stunning Of Zucci
Sunchi Simply Super of Zucci

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 1998-08-16  Dam: Moonswift Goldie Horn

Awbari Buy Me Panties
Awbari Miss My Tanga

dob: 1995-08-11  Dam: Lionheart Kween Kristin

Lionheart Karachel Karamelle
Lionheart Kalvin Klein
Lionheart Kouros
Lionheart Kenzo

dob: 1995-07-29  Dam: Gandaki's Gazelle

Gandaki's Gillespie
Gandaki's Gilbert
Gandaki's Gilmore

dob: 1995-06-30  Dam: Snubbakollens Henrietta

Chinetta's Claudia Cardenale

dob: 1995-06-06  Dam: Keshar's Chi-Chi-Lee

Lionheart Koffe Kupp
Lionheart Kappucino
Lionheart Karibbean Blue

dob: 1995-05-23  Dam: Beddi's Koh-I-Noor

Beddi's Super Trooper
Beddi's Super Man
Ch. Beddi's Scarlet O'Hara
Beddi's Sandra Forth

dob: 1995-03-05  Dam: Shumllea Gooseberry Fool At Omegaville

Ch. Omegaville China Lady
Omegaville Leading Lady
Omegaville Lady Penelope

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