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AMCH  Sun-a-ra's Silver Lining SOD

Reg. no
: TD415018 06-91
: 1990-02-19
: Blue & White
: Hairless
Patricia Owens (Sun-A-Ra, USA)
Renee R Orr, Patricia P Owens & Stephen K Orr
  • ©Unknown

  • ©Unicorn

Siblings (17)


Sun-a-ra's Silver Lining SOD
Sun-A-Ra's Morning Star
Sun-A-Ra's Gin-Su Of Bayshore
Dar-Walk See-Song
Sun-A-Ra's Puff At Mistyhill
Sun-A-Ra's Bright Sierra


Sun-A-Ra's Phoenix Of Khiva
Sun-A-Ra's Bucephalus D'Dasa
Sun-A-Ra's Rude Awakening
Sun-A-Ra's Blaze Starr


Sun-A-Ra's Indecent Exposure
Sun-A-Ra's Sin-Darella
Sun-A-Ra's Best Of Times
Sun-A-Ra's Rockin Robin


Sun-A-Ra's Personal Hope
Sun-A-Ra's Star Gazer

No birth date recorded

Sun-A-Ra's The Best Of Times

Offspring (36) (Descendents)

dob: 1994-06-09  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Bright Sierra

Sol-Orr's Smoke On The Water

dob: 1994-03-10  Dam: Unicorn Sol-Orr Eclipse

Ch. Sol-Orr's Pony Express

dob: 1993-10-01  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker DOD

Unicorn's Sol-Orr Galaxy
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr System
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Star
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Energy
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Comet

dob: 1993-03-18  Dam: Wagayo's Melody Of Love

Wagayo's Unchained Melody
Wagayo's Platinum Edition

dob: 1992-11-26  Dam: Sol-Orr's Chantilly Filly

Ch. Sol-Orr's Sunday Silence
Sol-Orr's Tiny And Tough
Sol-Orr's Mischief Maker

dob: 1992-09-16  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Seduction

Sun-A-Ra's See No Evil

dob: 1992-08-18  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker DOD

Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Illusion
Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Magic
Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Mythling
Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Legend

dob: 1992-06-27  Dam: Jann's Nova Of Sol-Orr

Ch. Sol-orr's Safe Bet of Jann DOM
Ch. Sol-Orr's Precisley Jann
Sol-Orr's B Faithful Of Jann
Sol-Orr's Gold Piece Of Jann

dob: 1991-12-13  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker DOD

Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Trip
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Flight
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Sunset
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Ride

dob: 1991-11-14  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Bright Sierra

Sol-Orr's Affirmed O'Wildwind
Sol-Orr's Decidedly Wudnshu
Sol-Orr's Unbridled Destiny
Sol-Orr's Pardon My Pleasure
Ch. Sol-Orr's Foolish Pleasure
Sol-Orr's Double Ur Pleasure
Sol-Orr's Wudnshu Bold Venture

dob: 1991-07-15  Dam: Sol-Orr's Chantilly Filly

Ch. Sol-Orr's Genuine Risk
Ch. Sol-Orr's Hunt Country Colt
Ch. Sol-Orr's Run For The Roses
Sol-Orr's Grandeur

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