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AUSTCH  St Erme Painted Clown

Reg. no
: KCN6717502
: 1988-09-20
: Blue & White
: Hairless
Mirrie St. Erme Cardew (St.Erme, England)
Chris Carroll (Eltarin, Australia)

  • ©with permission of Jane Ridley

Siblings (2)


St.Erme Dobbin
St Erme Painted Clown

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Eltarin Kinda Cute

Eltarin Fancy Mee
Eltarin Fancy Nancy
Eltarin Bold N Beautiful
Eltarin Painted Warrior

dob: 1995-10-27  Dam: Belachi Bare Withsilk

Belachi Definately Bare

dob: 1995-05-10  Dam: Belachi Lacey Lucy

Belachi Bare N Special

dob: 1995-04-01  Dam: Belachi Puff Npatch

Belachi Angel Inlace

dob: 1995-03-07  Dam: Belachi Bashfully Bare

Belachi Bare Fascination

dob: 1995-02-27  Dam: Belachi Basicly Bunnie

Belachi Bare Delight
Belachi Bare Nstylish

dob: 1994-11-15  Dam: Belachi Bare Nbeautiful

Belachi Classicly Bare

dob: 1994-09-29  Dam: Belachi Bare Withsilk

Belachi Splendidly Bare
Belachi Exotic Nbare
Belachi Amazingly Bare
Belachi Bare Nstunning

dob: 1994-05-23  Dam: Belachi Basicly Bunnie

Belachi Awesomely Bare
Belachi Love N Lace
Belachi Bare Bonus

dob: 1991-02-07  Dam: Eltarin Kinda Cute

Ch. Eltarin Made N Heaven
Eltarin My Blue Heaven
Eltarin Heaven Sent

dob: 1990-10-02  Dam: Eltarin Moonsilk

Ch. Eltarin Paint The Town

dob: 1990-05-29  Dam: Eltarin Kinda Cute

Eltarin Denim N Lace
Ch. Eltarin War Paint
Ch. Eltarin Warpaint
Eltarin All In Black

dob: 1989-07-29  Dam: Love Me Tender Of Staround At St.Erme

St.Erme Dancing Mischief at Shumllea
St.Erme Black Orchid
St.Erme Art Deco
Ch. St.Erme Ringmaster

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