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FINCH  FINW-90St.Erme Delphinium

Reg. no
: SF29195/89
: 1989-04-12
: Blue & White
: Hairless
Mirrie St. Erme Cardew (St.Erme, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (6)


St.Erme Belinda
St.Erme Bobbysox
St Erme Buff
St.Erme Buttercup
St.Erme Buff At Stubbylee
St.Erme Delphinium

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 1996-09-25  Sire: Turbotass Beverly Berra

Ch. Bedlam Actionman
Bedlam Annodomini
Bedlam Arkibal

dob: 1995-06-22  Sire: Jokima Jenious

Bedlam Valentino
Bedlam Violet Zorro
Bedlam Via Zapata
Bedlam Vili Wandal
Bedlam Vita Casanova

dob: 1994-04-22  Sire: Nightdream Ni Fang Xin Ba

Bedlam Pink Panther
Ch. Bedlam Partycrasher
Bedlam Pepperonica
Bedlam Pretty Woman

dob: 1992-07-26  Sire: El-Radzith Roger Rabbit

Bedlam Da Capo
Ch. Bedlam Diamante
Ch. Bedlam Don Hugo

dob: 1991-06-27  Sire: St.Erme Ringmaster

Bedlam Lucky Boy
Ch. Bedlam Let Me Love
Ch. Bedlam Let Me In
Ch. Bedlam Lou Lou
Bedlam Live It Up

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