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Staround Romeo

Reg. no
: KCA0060423
: 1975-11-20
: Blue & Pink
: Hairless
Ruth Harris (Staround, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (4)


Staround Quella


Staround Roma
Staround Romeo


Staround Quanto

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Handerby Snow Queen

Staround Startrex

dob:   Dam: Staround Pella

Staround Soso Of Demidoff
Staround Soso Of Denidoff

dob: 1984-06-29  Dam: Clogheen Hellena of Apocodeodar

Ch. Yamany's Djingis Khan

dob: 1984-05-06  Dam: Moonswift Pussy Galore

Rodridge Ricardo Of Clogheen
Miss Piggy Of Moonswift

dob: 1984-04-27  Dam: Moonswift Painted Lily

Ch. Moonswift Mr Raffles of Rodridge
Moonswift Happy Go Lucky
Moonswift Benny Boy

dob: 1983-11-22  Dam: Moonswift Miss Dixie

Ch. Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar
Moonswift Mr Ebony

dob: 1982-06-29  Dam: Heathermount Jezebel

Moonswift Miss Clarissa

dob: 1980-12-21  Dam: Saridak's Freesia

Moonswift Stars 'N' Stripes
Moonswift Miss Margaret

dob: 1980-11-10  Dam: Carmichan Heavenly Blue

Carmichan Blue Demon
Sandcrest Blue Print

dob: 1980-08-26  Dam: Heathermount Provocative

Man About Town Of Moonswift
Miss Stephanie Of Moonswift

dob: 1980-05-25  Dam: Carmichan Heavenly Blue

Carmichan Blue Angel

dob: 1980-01-20  Dam: Heathermount Provocative

Saridak's Sugar 'N' Spice Of Moonswift
Saridaks Snowflake

dob: 1979-09-06  Dam: Sandcrest Isa

Sandcrest Topaz

dob: 1979-01-06  Dam: Heathermount Inza

Saridak's Julietta

dob: 1977-02-06  Dam: Staround Pella

Staround Solo

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