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1986 - 2000
Staround Nevaro Of Zucci

Reg. no
: KCSB1876BY
: 1986-12-10
: Blue Black Wht Mkgs
: Hairless
Ruth Harris (Staround, England)
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
  • ©Ruth Harris

Siblings (4)


Staround Eva
Staround Elsa At Rialo


Staround Nimo
Staround Nevaro Of Zucci

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Itzcuintli Xquisite

Itzcuintli Itzclassi

dob:   Dam: I'Bayou

O'Hua Wang Ching Kuo De Lovely York

dob: 1990-12-29  Dam: Itzcuintli Xquisite

Ch. Itzcuintli Itzkuteintit

dob: 1990-06-25  Dam: Staround Victoria

Zucci Command Performance In Sandechi

dob: 1990-04-20  Dam: Staround Rula Of Zucci

Zucci Miss Navine

dob: 1989-11-13  Dam: Little Mo Zing Of Zucci

Zucci Designer Stubble
Zucci Clasic Design
Zucci Classic Design

dob: 1989-08-30  Dam: Staround Victoria

Ch. Zucci First Edition
Zucci Exclusive Edition Of Shawcrest
Zucci Special Edition
Ch. Zucci Limited Edition of Jokima

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