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Staround Mikadoboy At Taleeca

Reg. no
: KCM1220701
: 1986-09-08
: Mahogany & White
: Hairless
Ruth Harris (Staround, England)
Owner unknown.

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Kuang Toh Of Reta

Bellevue Jefferson
Bellevue Marksman
Bellevue Jasmine
Bellevue Jack In The Lad

dob:   Dam: Tipatay Geisha Girl

Tippatay Maxamillion Schezade

dob:   Dam: Uptown Girl Of Taleeca

Taleeca Thumbelina
Taleeca Moet And Chandon
Taleeca Guiness Top
Taleeca Tres Bon

dob: 1990-12-15  Dam: Tipatay Good Golly Miss Molly

Blandora Scarlet Express

dob: 1990-10-01  Dam: Uptown Girl Of Taleeca

Ch. Taleeca Flamenco Dancer
Taleeca Fire And Ice At Churrasco

dob: 1990-06-19  Dam: Blandora Black Orchid

Blandora Effervescent
Blandora Magical Dancer At Saltillo

dob: 1990-04-03  Dam: Eureka Of Staround At Taleeca

Taleeca Licence To Thrill

dob: 1989-12-26  Dam: Moonswift Hot Potato Of Blandora

Blandora American Express Of Benbela
Blandora Celestial Melody
Blandora Spotalot
Blandora Go For Gold At Altina

dob: 1989-11-23  Dam: Kuang Toh Of Reta

Bellevue Lucky Lockett
Bellevue Casanover
Bellevue Cute Cal
Bellevue Lucy Lockett
Bellevue Blue Boy At Taleeca

dob: 1989-09-01  Dam: Lady Finella Of Reta

Taleeca Dolly Mixture
Taleeca Golden Goddess
Taleeca Teddy Boy
Taleeca The Tripod
Taleeca Meomy

dob: 1987-10-22  Dam: Sandcrest Sea Daisy

Staround Tomorro

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