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Staround Koko

Reg. no
: KCR058162/71
: 1971-04-22
Ruth Harris (Staround, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (8)


Staround Kymo
Staround Koko


Staround Ola
Staround Otto


Staround Yinga


Staround Yonda
Staround Yako
Staround Yenla

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Alto Of Crest Haven

Staround Ufo

dob:   Dam: El-Chiquitin's Lotus Blume

Staround Wahto

dob:   Dam: Staround China Princess

Staround Samantha
Staround Falo

dob:   Dam: Staround Hila

Sandcrest Cascade

dob:   Dam: Staround Panda

Staround Wee Woo

dob:   Dam: Staround Yenla

Sobahn Savannah of Sandcrest
Sobahn Blanchette
Sobahn Blanchett

dob: 1977-03-13  Dam: Staround Yenla

Sobahn Savanah Of Sandcrest

dob: 1977-02-10  Dam: Staround Hunta

Staround Quanto

dob: 1976-03-24  Dam: Staround Karma

Sandcrest Desire Of St Erme

dob: 1975-11-20  Dam: Staround Hunta

Staround Roma
Staround Romeo

dob: 1973-07-12  Dam: Staround Danta

Staround Brahma

dob: 1973-05-19  Dam: Staround Ra

Staround Aurora

dob: 1973-04-07  Dam: Staround Lhaza

Staround Channa
Staround Calanda

dob: 1973-03-17  Dam: Staround China Princess

Ch. Staround Zorro
Staround Zylo

dob: 1972-12-13  Dam: Staround Peacha

Staround Wanda
Staround Wee Wo
Staround Wanton

dob: 1972-12-11  Dam: Staround Lhaza

Staround Voodoo
Staround Volto

dob: 1972-06-05  Dam: Staround China Princess

Ch. Staround Sancho

dob: 1972-02-10  Dam: Staround Hunta

Staround Quella

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