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Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker DOD

: 1988-06-18
: Slate
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Renee & Steve Orr (Sol-Orr's, USA)
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (7)


Sol-Orr's Morgan Pony San-Cha
Sol-Orr's Carosel Pony Of Destny
Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker DOD
Sol-Orr's Chincoteague Pony


Sol-Orr's Chestnut Pony
Sol-Orr's Enchanting Pony

No birth date recorded

Sol-Orr's Carousel Pony Of Destiny

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 1994-11-26  Sire: Taleeca Designer Genes

Sol-Orr's Unicorn Traveler
Sol-Orr's Whimsical Unicorn
Sol-Orr's Mystical Unicorn
Sol-Orr's Frolicing Unicorn

dob: 1993-10-01  Sire: Sun-a-ra's Silver Lining SOD

Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Energy
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Comet
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Galaxy
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr System
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Star

dob: 1992-08-18  Sire: Sun-a-ra's Silver Lining SOD

Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Legend
Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Magic
Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Mythling
Ch. Sol-Orr's Unicorn Illusion

dob: 1991-12-13  Sire: Sun-a-ra's Silver Lining SOD

Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Flight
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Trip
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Sunset
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Ride

dob: 1990-10-12  Sire: Gingery's Lightening

Ch. Unicorn Sol-Orr Eclipse
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Flare
Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Power
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Light

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