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NUCH  Sandfield's Zusanli
"Chi Chi"

Reg. no
: S35662/99
: 1999-05-09
: Black & White
: Powderpuff
Siv-Laila Sandaker (Sandfields, Sverige)
Siv-Laila Sandaker (Sandfields, Sverige)
  • Nuch Sandfields Zusanlie 3mars 05
    ©Siv-Laila Sandaker

  • ©S-L Sandaker

  • ©S-L.S

Siblings (3)


Sandfield's Zhiyin
Sandfield's Zhibian
Sandfield's Zusanli

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 2005-11-20  Sire: Sodzberry Red Demon

Sandfield's Khatiana
Sandfield's Khahoona
Sandfield's Khichi
Sandfield's Khichiana
Sandfield's Khahomi

dob: 2004-02-19  Sire: Maldinis Black River

Sandfield's Gladrim
Sandfield's Gwathren
Sandfield's Galadriel Fain
Sandfield's Gwilwileth
Sandfield's Gweneth

dob: 2002-12-06  Sire: Lionheart Kross The Ridge

Sandfield's Ericthonios
Sandfield's Epimetheus
Sandfield's Echo
Sandfield's Eurydike

dob: 2001-10-09  Sire: Hibacka's King Arthur

Sandfield's Chrysaor
Sandfield's Cheiron
Sandfield's Chimaira
Sandfield's Charon
Sandfield's Pegasus

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