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ACCCCH  Royal Crest's Tievel

: 1984-06-06
: Black & White
: Hairless
Breeder unknown. If you know who the breeder of this dog is you can help us improve the database by adding this information.
Owner unknown.

Siblings (4)


Royal Crest Mazik
Royal Crest Nechama
Royal Crest's Tievel

No birth date recorded

Royal Crest's Tievei

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 1989-08-18  Dam: Lothlorien Bikini Bear Of Lou-Ell's

Lou-Ell's Polly Borngood

dob: 1989-05-17  Dam: Lou-Ell's Say Merrilee

Sandra's Say Merrilee Jr
Sandra's Say Flashy
Sandra's Say Blossom

dob: 1989-05-13  Dam: Val's Dakota Rose Of Falconcrest

Petrina's Whitley

dob: 1989-05-12  Dam: Ancha's Busy B

Sandra's Say Bravo
Ch. Lou-Ell's Exotic Dancer Cordova
Sandra's Say Be-Bop-Baby

dob: 1988-10-29  Dam: Lou-Ell's Say Picame

Sandra's Say Pride
Sandra's Say Taylor

dob: 1988-08-26  Dam: Ancha's Hellon Wheels

Ancha's Little Dab'll Do Ya

dob: 1988-06-29  Dam: Alien's Razz-Ama-Tazz

Mamrick's Thank You Angie

dob: 1987-08-26  Dam: Ancha's Hellon Wheels

Ancha's Gift Og Gab
Ch. Ancha's Sound Of Music
Ancha's Wee Willie

dob: 1987-03-01  Dam: Dickerson's Hong Kong Empress

Rick-Shaws Poppy Falcone

dob: 1986-06-04  Dam: Royal Crest's Edelkeitt

Ancha's Elfin Magic

dob: 1986-01-18  Dam: Gipez's Ancha Annie

Ancha's Tiny Tim
Buttered Popcorn
Ancha's Ruff Tuff N Scruffy

dob: 1985-06-13  Dam: Xcel's Reana Beana

Xcel's La Choy
Xcel's Sho Kishu
Ch. Xcel's Clydesdale Pony

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