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Rosemary's Oh Jong Doo Of Dickerson

: 1984-03-06
: Pink & White
: Hairless
Dick Dickerson (Dickerson, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (3)


Rosemary's Oh Jong Doo Of Dickerson
Gorman's Angelique
Rosemary's Barbarrosa

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 1989-12-05  Dam: Phaedrian's Sabbath

Gormans Tamrissa Bella Manrick
Gorman's Sun Kosi

dob: 1988-12-30  Dam: Phaedrian's Sabbath

Gorman's Shi Yuan Tang
Gorman's Qi Izume
Gorman's Noka Tomi
Gorman's Onnie Zee

dob: 1988-05-23  Dam: Dearborn's Ting Ting

Gorman's Bidez Tu Woo
Gorman's Kay Mona

dob: 1988-03-18  Dam: Tully's Indira

Gorman's Kimchi Lee Li

dob: 1988-02-12  Dam: Lothlorien Love Bug'll Get Ya

Gorman's Netsuke
Gorman's Me Low Chew

dob: 1987-06-14  Dam: Ne-Chu-Fan-Si-Nan-Si

Gorman's Sher Pa
Gorman's Torrie

dob: 1987-06-13  Dam: Phaedrian's Rhea

Dearborns Susie Wong

dob: 1986-12-17  Dam: Tully's Indira

Dearborn's Yew Yak
Ch. Dearborn's Sho Ki SOM

dob: 1986-03-29  Dam: Lothlorien Love Bug'll Get Ya

Gorman's Cinnabar Of Wenlo
Gorman's Boo Yer Boy
Ch. Gorman's Kiwi Razzmatazz

dob: 1985-06-25  Dam: Rosemary's Eden Of Gipez

Paskevic's Cesear

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