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1 C.C 2 R.C.C.sRodridge Starlite Express

Reg. no
: KCSB2268BW
: 1985-09-25
: Blue
: Hairless
Stuart Smith (Rodridge, England)
Stuart Smith (Rodridge, England)

Siblings (4)


Rodridge Rags To Riches With Clashda
Rodridge Starlite Express
Rodridge Royal Dickerson

No birth date recorded

Rodridge Starlight Express

Offspring (7) (Descendents)

dob: 1989-08-02  Dam: Moonswift Pussy Galore

Moonswift Andromeda

dob: 1988-06-10  Dam: Suger Plum Fairy At Sydunne

Sydunne Sim Moone Pandora
Sydunne Simply Simon

dob: 1988-04-30  Dam: Sansarc Talcum Powderpuff

Taleeca Male Stripper

dob: 1987-09-19  Dam: Moonswift Miss Violet

Moonswift Naughty But Nice

dob: 1987-04-08  Dam: Saridak's Julietta

Rodridge And All That Jazz

dob: 1987-03-30  Dam: Moonswift Pussy Galore

Rodridge Raver

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