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ACCCCH  Rodridge Royal Dickerson

: 1985-09-25
: Blue
: Hairless
Stuart Smith (Rodridge, England)
Dick Dickerson (Dickerson, USA)

  • ©unknowned

Siblings (4)


Rodridge Rags To Riches With Clashda
Rodridge Starlite Express
Rodridge Royal Dickerson

No birth date recorded

Rodridge Starlight Express

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Dar-Walk Fidgett Of Wendav

Wenday's Frost Bunny

dob:   Dam: Dickerson's Pearl Bailey

Vanderpool's Dickerson's Thor
Vanderpools Dickerson Wolfman
Vanderpool's Dickerson's Wolfman

dob: 1993-04-08  Dam: Dickerson's Red Head

Dickerson's Royal Red Indian
Dickerson's Castle Delight

dob: 1991-04-28  Dam: Dickerson's Belle Star Chanel

Dickerson Qt Of Silver Bluff
Dickerson's Shy Cinderella

dob: 1989-03-04  Dam: Dickerson's Pearl Bailey

Vanderpool Dickersons Thor
Ch. Vanderpool Dickersons Wolfman
Dickerson's Captain Tom Thumb
Ch. Pandora's Plum Pud'n Dickerson

dob: 1988-03-13  Dam: Dickerson's Oriental Rose

Dickerson's Royal Prince
Dickerson's Fantasia Sycamore

dob: 1987-10-09  Dam: Dickerson's Ms Duffy-Mayapan

Dickerson's Orchid Of Mayapan

dob: 1987-07-08  Dam: Dickerson's Oriental Rose

Dickerson's Oriental Song
Dickerson's Sir Lancelot
Chargi's Suzi Of Dickerson

dob: 1987-07-07  Dam: Dar-Walk Fidgett Of Wendav

Coqui Channel Renoir
Wendav's Frost Bunny

dob: 1987-06-26  Dam: Lejo's Ceilidh Carey

Carey's Dolly Doll-Doll

dob: 1987-03-05  Dam: Dickerson's Harriet Of Mayapan

Dickerson's Fichero
Carann's Gypsy Of Dickerson

dob: 1987-03-03  Dam: Dickerson's Harriet Of Mayapan

Dickerson's Domino

dob: 1986-11-08  Dam: Alltot Ch'ing Te Of Dickerson

Dickerson See-Blu At Calisa
Dickerson's Sable'N' Diamonds

dob: 1986-09-17  Dam: Gipez's Shu-Yen Of Oz

Eric's Excalibur Of Oz
Eric's Merlin Of Oz
Eric's Enchantress Of Oz

dob: 1986-08-20  Dam: Dickerson's Pink Lady Mayapan

Dickerson's Aladdin V Jaar-Den

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