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1997 - 2008
AMCH  Puffin Batteries Not Included SOM

: 1997-03-22
: Brown
: Hairless
Steve Kelly (Puffin, USA)
Steve Kelly (Puffin, USA)
  • ©gskerr

  • ©gskerr

  • ©gskerr

  • 4 months


Normal= PRA, PLL, rcd3 PRA, cerf

Siblings (10)


Puffin Trouble With Tribbles
Puffin Batteries Not Included SOM
Puffin Abracadabra


Puffin Cactus Flower
Puffin Kings Ransom Of Mardon
Puffin Patent Pending O'Ebon Will
Puffin Full Disclosure SOM
Puffin Hocus Pocus


Puffin Encounter With Jewels
Puffin Rendezvous With Jewels

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-06-07  Dam: Tamarlane's Peaches N'Cream

Cayenne's Red Chili
Ch. Tamarlane AT the End of the Rainbow
Ch. Tamarlane's At The End Of The Rainbow

dob: 2006-10-23  Dam: Bimini Feather Nina's Kussandra

Nina's K Wireless Connection

dob: 2006-08-08  Dam: Puffin Black Widow

Ch. Puffin Time To Go
Ch. Puffin Time After Time
Ch. Puffin Time Traveler

dob: 2006-05-20  Dam: Crazy Horse Karma Izzat Maju

Maju Moonlight Seranade
Maju Dark Side Of The Moon
Maju Smokin Joe

dob: 2002-06-15  Dam: Krispin Mum's The Word

Ch. Krishna Makara's Puffin Stuf
Krishna Little Singer PF
Krishna Puffin Makara's Tiara

dob: 1999-04-01  Dam: Puffin Hair We Are Makara

Ch. Alexanders Elvis Has Returned
Ch. Puffin Jokers Wild At Shomars

dob: 1999-03-06  Dam: Churrasco Priscilla DOM

Tamarlane's Coppertop
Tamarlane-Krishna's Eveready DOM

dob: 1999-01-04  Dam: Puffin Hair We Are Makara

Ch. Alexanders Elvis Has Returned

dob: 1999-01-01  Dam: Woodlyn Double Stuf Of Jewels

Jewels Strikin Midnight At Puffin

dob: 1998-02-06  Dam: Puffin Patchwork Quilt Makara

Ch. Puffin Incognito
Ch. Puffin In Cahoots

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