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NUCH  SECH  Peandokry Something Special Of Christ-ings

Reg. no
: S13030/84
: 1983-06-29
: Blue
: Hairless
Angie Rachael (Peandokry, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (2)


Delicate Jade At Debrita
Peandokry Something Special Of Christ-ings

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 1986-07-20  Dam: China-Crest's Crest Dream

China-Crest's Look At Me
China-Crest's Thak Me To The Cotton
China-Crest's Morosi Boy
Ch. China-crest's Soo-pi-ling-li

dob: 1986-05-08  Dam: Nena de Xochitlalpan

Christ-Ings Smart Girl
Ch. Christ-Ings Miss Dainty Hin Jo
Christ-Ings Angelina Of China Crest
Christ-Ings Mary Loisy

dob: 1986-02-04  Dam: Bukeras Jeanette-Li

Ch. China-Crest's After Shawe Shebumis

dob: 1985-12-04  Dam: Bukeras Melissa-Li

China-Crest's Baby Love
China-Crest's Li-Baby
China-Crest's Supper Man

dob: 1985-07-25  Dam: Bukeras Josephine-LI

Christ-Ings Pepperonica
Christ-Ings Black Leading Star
Christ-Ings Mount Button Boy

dob: 1985-07-05  Dam: Nena de Xochitlalpan

Christ-Ings Thing-Sing-Si
Christ-Ings Bam-Boo

dob: 1984-11-22  Dam: Nena de Xochitlalpan


dob: 1984-09-10  Dam: Bukeras Jeanette-Li

China-Crest's Lenny-Boy
China-Crest's Lee-Lee Girl
China-Crest's Crest Dream

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