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Movalian Dy-Namite

: 1987-02-28
: Mahogany & White
: Hairless
Val & Ian Blore (Movalian, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (3)


Movalian Dy-Fferent Strokes at Debrita
Movalian Dynasty's Palomino
Movalian Dy-Namite

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Golden Mist

Blossom's Jaunty Boy
Blossom's Bright Spark
Blossom's Second Edition

dob:   Dam: Emcee Saramoon of Volpecula

Volpecula Wicked

dob: 1991-07-20  Dam: Taleeca The Bed Bug

Taleeca Trade Secret
Taleeca Total Eclipse At Gemaras

dob: 1990-09-09  Dam: Golden Mist

Bloss Jannty Boy Churrasco

dob: 1990-06-11  Dam: Aes September Song

Movalian Victoriana

dob: 1989-10-01  Dam: Aes Dy-Lightful

Movalian Snowdancer
Movalian The Sorceress

dob: 1989-09-08  Dam: Golden Mist

Ginger Tom
Blossom's Pride And Joy

dob: 1989-08-22  Dam: Debrita Dorielle

Cheeswood Diamond White At Buzando
Cheeswood Ruff Diamond

dob: 1989-06-01  Dam: Shipstone Mint's Magpie

Shipstone Magpie's For Warpaint
Shipstone Magpie's Warpaint For Movalian
Shipstone Magpie's Ladybird
Shipstone Magpie's Tativvy

dob: 1989-04-06  Dam: Moonswift Naughty But Nice

Shirlmar Ted-E-Bear
Shirlmar Bluebell
Shirlmar Funny Bunny
Shirlmar Jessy James
Shirlmar Funny Bunny At Cuillinmor
Shirlmar The Mugger
Shirlmar White Rose

dob: 1988-11-18  Dam: Debrita Delicate Design

Fair Florentina Of Cyndor

dob: 1988-10-27  Dam: Shipstone Mint's Magpie

Shipstone No Jaket Required
Shipstone Dream Of Olwyn At Jhanchi
Shipstone Rapsody In Blue

dob: 1988-09-12  Dam: Sholeen's Fluffle-Puffle At Movalian

Movalian Charms Of Dobrugh

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