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Mordor L'Asso

: 1980-11-01
: Chocolate
: Hairless
Wally Swett & Ken Oberg (Mordor, USA)
Owner unknown.
  Sire's sire: Mordor Reborn
Sire: Mordor Allo
Sire's dam: Mordor Erika Rose
  Dam's sire: Mordor Reborn
Dam: Mordor Medusa
Dam's dam: Mordor Erika Rose

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 1986-11-09  Dam: Lou-Ell's Tiger Lily

Lou-Ell's SOft Touch
Lou-Ell's Peach Blossom
Lou-Ell's Jumpin Jac Flash
Lou-Ell's Wu-Se

dob: 1986-05-05  Dam: Val's Dakota Golda

Lou-Ell's Lotus Blossom

dob: 1986-02-28  Dam: Lou-Ell's Tiger Lily

Lou-Ell's Say Picame
Almodor Sunny Delight Of Lou-Ell's
Lou-Ell's Blue Bare at Hillcrest

dob: 1985-09-17  Dam: Val's Dakota Golda

Lou-Ell's Say Merrilee
Lou-Ell's J W
Lou-Ell's Honey Gold

dob: 1985-09-10  Dam: Val's Princess Aimee Yellow Dog

Lou-Ell's Scoshi-Ban
Lou-Ell's W J

dob: 1985-05-20  Dam: Mordor Koala

Lou-Ell's Karate Kid

dob: 1984-06-06  Dam: Mordor Koala

Lothlorien Galadriel Of Lou-Ell's
Lothlorien Love Bug'll Get Ya
Lothlorien Valkyrie DOM

dob: 1984-03-25  Dam: Lothlorien Fiona

Lothlorien The Hobbit
Lothlorien Misu

dob: 1983-03-14  Dam: Mordor Koala

Lothlorien Fiona

dob: 1982-08-26  Dam: Mordor Koala

Lothlorien Dejah Thoris

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