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AUSTCH  Meken Megamax

Reg. no
: ANKCV1539079
: 1995-07-09
: Black White
: Hairless
Margaret & Ian Horn (Meken, Australia)
Mr & Mrs Slavin (Chinacrest, Australia)
  • ©M Horn

Siblings (3)


Meken Little Devil
Meken Megamax


Meken Angelica

Offspring (38) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Arizona Dragon Fire PP

Chinacrest Heat Haze

dob:   Dam: Eltarin Bold As Brass

Elcharinga Mei Fegmi

dob:   Dam: Chinacrest Mood Noir

Chinacrest Fantasia
Chinacrest Deuce Bigalo

dob:   Dam: Finspar Quantum Leap

Chinacrest Lounge Lizard

dob: 2002-01-21  Dam: Arizona Dragon Fire PP

Chinacrest Fire and Ice

dob: 2001-08-14  Dam: Mohawk Im Cute Too

Chinacrest Shanghisheila

dob: 2000-10-01  Dam: Mohawk Bliss Bomb

Mohawk Bombshell Blitz

dob: 2000-08-18  Dam: Mohawk Masquerade

Chinacrest Mercedes Lady
Ch. Chinacrest Sideshow Bob
Chinacrest Rampaging Roy

dob: 2000-04-24  Dam: Mohawk Malibu

Chinacrest Lottie

dob: 2000-02-06  Dam: Eltarin Silk N Threads

Ch. Chinacrest Willow

dob: 1999-09-27  Dam: Mohawk Malibu

Chinacrest Deasha
Chinacrest Kara Mia
Ch. Chinacrest After Midnite

dob: 1999-08-05  Dam: Mohawk Masquerade

Chinacrest The Naked Gun
Chinacrest Pavement Art

dob: 1999-01-20  Dam: Eltarin Silk N Threads

Chinacrest Sporty Spice

dob: 1998-10-15  Dam: Mohawk Fasination

Chinacrest Trickle
Chinacrest Loose Talk
Chinacrest Fruit Cake

dob: 1998-01-19  Dam: Mohawk Masquerade

Chinacrest Dito Atmohawk
Chinacrest Th Full Monty
Ch. Chinacrest Taylor Made

dob: 1997-04-01  Dam: Eltarin Silk N Threads

Chinacrest Indian Summer
Chinacrest Dark Horse
Chinacrest How Bizarre
Chinacrest Nadia

dob: 1996-09-26  Dam: Eltarin Silk N Threads

Chinacrest In A Spin
Chinacrest To The Max
Chinacrest Undacover Man
Chinacrest Salome
Chinacrest Ella
Chinacrest Divine Brown

dob: 1996-07-12  Dam: Mohawk Masquerade

Ch. Chinacrest After Dark
Ch. Chinacrest Total Eclipse

dob: 1996-06-02  Dam: Dragondancer Silkpyjamas

Ch. Meken Sheer As Silk

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