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2002 - 2009
SECH  Lionheart Knock Out

: 2002-06-18
: Blue
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Cathrine Brännström (Princess Leia's, Sverige)
  • Rocky 6 år gammal men så stilig !
    ©Cathrine Johansson

  • Fotokollage på Rocky
    ©Cathrine Johansson

  • Här är länken till hans miness sida
    ©Cathrine Johansson

  • Rocky som Bäst !!!!
    ©Cathrine Johansson, Umeå

  • Rocky i full fart 3 juli 2006
    ©Cathrine Johansson

  • Rocky i full fart igen 3 juli 2006
    ©Cathrine Johansson

  • Rocky 4 år
    ©Cathrine Johansson

  • Rocky stretchar 2006
    ©Cathrine Johansson


Bästa hane, Cert, BIR, Svenskt Championat,
BIS reserv Piteå SDHK 2004
BIS avelsgrupp Juni 2005

Siblings (3)


Lionheart Knock Out
Lionheart Kreated For Moonheart
Lionheart Kall Me Madam

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

dob: 2008-03-25  Dam: Fullibus Citron-meliss

Fullibus Adidas
Fullibus Puma
Fullibus Vagabond

dob: 2004-07-26  Dam: Padmé-Amidala


dob: 2004-05-26  Dam: Princess-Leia

Princess Leia's Love Over Gold
Princess Leia's Calling Elvis
Princess Leia's Money For Nothing
Ch. Princess Leia's Sultans Of Swing

dob: 2004-05-25  Dam: Beddi's Business With Lionheart

Ch. Lionheart Knock On Wood
Lionheart Knock Up
Lionheart Knock Over
Lionheart Knock You Out
Lionheart Knocking On Heavens Door

dob: 2004-05-11  Dam: Lohamras Bisquite

Noon's Second To None At L
Noon's Second Spring

dob: 2004-03-30  Dam: Luminara

Luminara's Spirit Of Spring
Luminara's Beauty Of Spring

dob: 2004-03-05  Dam: Sun-Hee's Persimmon

Princess Leia's Dancing Queen
Princess Leia's Honey Honey

dob: 2003-10-25  Dam: Princess-Leia

Princess Leia's Amazes Me Of Rocky
Princess Leia's Sacrifice Of Rocky
Princess Leia's Whispers Of Rocky
Princess Leia's Tinydancer Of Rocky

dob: 2003-05-14  Dam: Lionheart Kind Regards To Proud Pony

Proud Pony Xtreme Xsara
Proud Pony Xplosive Cotton
Proud Pony Xhibitionist
Proud Pony Xtra-Terrestrial
Proud Pony Xpert Opinion

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