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SECH  Lionheart Katch A Killer

: 2000-06-06
: Blue
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Jessica Käck
  • ©Koynaur kennel

Siblings (4)


Lionheart Katch A Killer
Lionheart Katch Me If YOu Can
Lionheart Katch The Rainbow
Lionheart Katch The Sun For Martha

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob: 2005-03-02  Dam: Koynaur's Kopy Of Dayzee

Koynaur's Doomsday
Koynaur's Day'n'night
Koynaur's Diesel The Great
Koynaur's Daystar
Koynaur's Dimension
Koynaur's Delusion

dob: 2004-04-24  Dam: Koynaur's Kopy Of Dayzee

Koynaur's Diamond's Are Forever
Koynaur's Desert Dy-Amond
Koynaur's Desert Storm
Koynaur's Demolition Man

dob: 2004-02-28  Dam: Koynaur's Amazing Spotted Lady

Koynaur's Dungeon Master
Koynaur's Devil In Disguise
Koynaur's Dazzle By Midnight
Koynaur's Duke Of Darkness
Koynaur's Duchess Nelly Of Dy-Amond

dob: 2002-11-26  Dam: Rådjurstigens Darling Puff Puff

Rådjurstigens Fleur D'ideal
Rådjurstigens Fortizzima F

dob: 2002-01-31  Dam: Silverekens Lilla Mirakel

Silverekens Milda Matilda
Silverekens Mio Min Mio
Silverekens MiraMax
Silverekens Mirabelle

dob: 2001-06-12  Dam: Nanimo Dancing Light

Koynaur's Fighter's Dragon Lady
Koynaur's Fighter's Dragon Hunter
Koynaur's Fighter's Dragon Slayer

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