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AMCH  Krishna Makara's Puffin Stuf

Reg. no
: TP31591301
: 2002-06-15
: Palomino
: Hairless
Gloria Kerr (Krishna, USA)
Deborah Hudspeth (Spiritual, USA)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Deirdre Petrie

  • Mikey
    ©Steve Kelly

Siblings (3)


Krishna Little Singer PF
Krishna Puffin Makara's Tiara
Krishna Makara's Puffin Stuf

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Makara's Abra Kadabra

Makara's Kruge Rrund
Makara's Kruge Rrand

dob:   Dam: Six Gems Darling Dot

Ch. Six Gems Little Dragon Mushu

dob:   Dam: Spiritually Awakening of Six Gems

Six Gems Maximum Delight

dob: 2009-08-30  Dam: XRoads I Call You Friend

Glamour Defined By Maji
Six Gems Daydream Lily of Maji
Six Gems Going FreeLance of Maji

dob: 2006-12-27  Dam: Makara's Tri-Cas X-Zotica

Six Gems Sweet Serenade

dob: 2005-11-14  Dam: Makara's Tri-Cas X-Zotica

Ch. Six Gems Oscar De Lorenzo

dob: 2005-01-06  Dam: Makara's The Diva

Six Gems Our Lil Zohr

dob: 2004-07-02  Dam: Makara's The Diva

Six Gems Princess Sosha

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