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1999 - 2010
SECH  Jokima Just A Latin Lover
"Latin "

: 1999-08-27
: Slate
: Hairless
Nikki Strawbridge (Jokima, England)
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sverige)
Anita Roslund & Åsa Johansson (Willow Star's, Sverige)
  • © Helena Karlsson, Sun-Hee's

Siblings (4)


Jokima Just A Legend - SOM
Jokima Just A Latin Lover
Jokima Just Legendary

No birth date recorded

Jokima Just Lively

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob: 2003-05-11  Dam: Sun-Hee's Jakita

Willow Star's Spring Water
Willow Star's Springfield
Willow Star's Spring Wind
Willow Star's Spring Day
Willow Star's Spring Wild Flower
Willow Star's Spring Dream
Willow Star's Spring Steen

dob: 2002-10-19  Dam: Willow Star's Zaga-Zmilla

Willow Star's Crust Of Ice
Willow Star's Ice Crystal
Willow Star's Ice Tea

dob: 2002-08-14  Dam: Willow Star's Ziri-Smilla

Willow Star's Milk And Honey
Willow Star's Honey Yummie
Willow Star's Honey Crunch

dob: 2002-07-07  Dam: Amelion's FairyQueen

Amelion's Bentley
Amelion's Buick
Amelion's Bugatti

dob: 2002-05-02  Dam: Sun-Hee's Tivoli

Sun-Hee's Fever
Sun-Hee's Fantasy
Sun-Hee's Fashion Girl
Sun-Hee's Flintstone

dob: 2001-07-26  Dam: Jokima Jittery

Sun-Hee's A Piece Of Winterhey
Sun-Hee's A Piece Of My Heart

dob: 2001-07-08  Dam: Sun-Hee's Walk On Top

Sun-Hee's Mustang Fiction
Sun-Hee's Mason Gold
Sun-Hee's More Delight

dob: 2001-02-11  Dam: Chinetta's Chianti

Chinetta's Catwalk Sparkling
Chinetta's Catwalk Frozen

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