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ACCCCH  Hillcrest's Bare-Hug At Makara

Reg. no
: TD414295 6-91
: 1988-04-02
: Pink & Slate
: Hairless
Breeder unknown. If you know who the breeder of this dog is you can help us improve the database by adding this information.
Deidre Petrie (Makara, USA)

  • ©D. Petrie

Siblings (14)


Hillcrest's Bare Nonsense
Hillcrest's Tedi Bear
Hillcrest's Otis Bear


Hillcrest's Bare-Hug At Makara
Hillcrest's Desert Sand Bear
Hillcrest's Malka Bare
Hillcrest's Orient Express Bare
Hillcrest's Mandarin Rose Bare
Hillcrest's Toasted Bear


Hillcrest's Beijings Dream Bare
Hillcrest's Blue Bare Junior
Hillcrest's Tofu Bear
Hillcrest's Bare Kara Mia
Hillcrest's Samshu Bare Curry

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 1997-12-26  Dam: Makara's Isabella Via Puffin DOM

Makara's Santa's Little Helper

dob: 1993-02-25  Dam: Ng Dynasty's Pidge

Paisley's Dazzeling Rose Bud

dob: 1992-08-20  Dam: Sol-Orr's Delicate Filly

Bita's Twisted Sister
Bita's Squeezably Soft

dob: 1992-06-19  Dam: Makara's Wilyn I'm Not

Wilyn 'N Able At Janard
Wilyn's Delta Dash

dob: 1992-05-31  Dam: Wescoat's Daisy

Makara's She TalksTo Angels

dob: 1992-05-17  Dam: Makara's Ebony Enchantress DOM

Ch. Makara's Moon Over Miami
Makara's Skip A Beat

dob: 1991-07-24  Dam: Radbill's Dominque

Paisley Passion For Honore

dob: 1990-09-30  Dam: Dodd's Coconut Lizzie Makara

Makara's Harvest Crest
Makara's Catch a Shining Star
Makara's Cato
Makara's Digitizadorable

dob: 1990-09-22  Dam: Makara's The Temptress

Makara's Quiet Storm
Ch. Makara's Whisper In The Dark
Ch. Makara's The Silver Shadow SOM
Makara's Moonlight Serenade

dob: 1989-11-23  Dam: Ng Dynasty's Pidge

Radbill's Dominque
Ch. Ng Dynasty's She Devil Pumpkin DOM
Little Caesar

dob: 1989-11-18  Dam: Makara's Demitasse

Ch. Makara's Jazzy Jasmine
Demitasse Tally-Ho
Dusty Demitasse

dob: 1989-07-09  Dam: Makara's The Temptress

Ch. Makara's Scandalous Kiara DOM

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